gamemode idea 2vs2 (HXVHX)

USCM and greenos are fightinh againts UPP and alpha hive basicaly is HVH and xeno vs xeno combined together and u know the goal is to kill every bad guy and also greenos can cap UPP soldiers for more sisters and alpha hive can capture USCM marines for more sisters and u know they are posibilities like greenos and alpha hive can betray thier masters forcing them to form an aliance or marines betray grennos are UPP betrays alpha hive and it wil be like 1vs1vs1vs1 and also rules researchers cant make more hive types cuz it will be too overpowerd being able to have more then 1 queen or just hive betraying their owners like at the begining of the round or the opiside and the story behind both factions getting their hives that USCM got it from the last xeno encounter and UPP got it from their xeno encounter but they made the alpha hive beside greenos cuz the red xenos fitt them more


This sounds like it could be a pretty fun event once or twice. Only issue I can instantly think of is what hive would be with UPP. Since the only hives that can ally with humans are greenos and tamed. And tamed hives can’t evo or have a queen as far as I know

UPP also don’t have their own IFF chips for xenos but that’s probably an easy thing to do

Also it sounds cool


its the UPP aka russia china india and they are probably are able to tame the alpha hive with their techonology and the IFF well there is probably something like UPP IFF cuz it will make no sense for me that the IFF tags were designet to only USCM

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I mean mechanically neither of those things currently exist

well i dont know only logical way that UPP got the alpha hive on their side is probably implanting a chip that manipulates xeno into a queen larva and that chip made that queen on the UPP side or they did the same thing like with greenos when the greeno hive is staring that u have to make agreements with the queen for an aliance

I feel this would only work if the Marine side of the game was stripped down so it was only groundside Marines and groundside UPP, so no CIC or other non-combat related support.

Mechanically this wouldn’t be terrible hard to do, all you’d have to do is start a Human v Human event and spawn some xenos for both sides that are allied to their respective faction.

The main issue is diluting the pool of players. You are asking the playerbase to be split between four factions instead of two, ergo my suggestion you may need to cut down on the non-combat related roles to ensure plenty of people are present to fill all four factions.

why dont just xenos spawn at the start of the round like normal xenos and pepole that chosed to be a xeno will be greeno or a alpha hive xeno