Gerald Biggs - Staff Report: Malicious Intent - Steelpoint

Gerald Biggs - Staff Report: Malicious Intent - Steelpoint

What’s your BYOND key:

Gerald Biggs

Round ID:


Your character name:

Elder Empress - MAC-810

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Malicious Intent

Description of the incident:

So the round of Kutjevo starts and nobody goes queen until about 10 minutes in when I evolve, upon becoming queen I notice that we’ve got 3 drones 1 young xx and one who immediately said in LOOC “im gonna afk for 30 mins”, so off to a great start I thank the drones while telling them we’ll do most of our fighting towards construction and caves because we have no weeders really and I was sole builder, I set marks at construction which the Leader Rav and a few others followed, the boiler was great up until we were widdled down to four xenos by the actions of xenos like IYR and ION who ignored nonstop even callouts naming their CASTE and hive announcements, so when he starts backtalking me for trying to suicide at medical for a SECOND time, then questions my memory of the event and accuses me of lying/meta and says “banish me or stop talking” he got banished and had the cheek to even report this is insulting honestly, the larva that got banished ran towards the frontline from hive so I banished them because banished dead larva respawn in hive, I’m just sad I didn’t banish the boiler who said “im bored” because we were holding hive with 4 for eggs and i said “you did well so far you can scout” to which he ignored chat insulted my lost leader and immediately suicided because of that. You fed into the worst attitudes of the hive in all honesty should know better as a moderator and I intended for logs for my report to drop but apparently they need to be within 48 hours.


I was a Warrior who took over the body of another warrior late into a round on Kutjevo, I had died much earlier into the round as a Warrior in medical. I asked the hivemind for instructions on where we are fighting, and was told there was combat at medical, I went there and engaged.

After informing the hivemind of even more Marines pushing into east medical, the Queen interjected and started to insult me for having died in medical earlier in the round. I asked the queen to clarify if they had issued me orders, as I did not recall being given any orders, however the Queen continued to insult me and another player, I believe.

Logs will show all my announcements are calling you back from medical and saying hold at mark at construction, by your own admission “i did not recall”. I don’t believe you any further, you are being dishonest IMO and I wouldn’t make this report if I wasn’t so sure that you were out of line as a xeno on multiple occasions, the fact you went with “dchat said shed been mean” while half of dchat were also saying “You were ignoring her”.

This report is incoherent and cannot be processed. You say you were the Queen, but then in evidence say you were a warrior? Regardless, Staff Reports are for violations of actions as Staff, such as moderation issues or misuse of Staff tools.

Please re-file this as a Player Report, and please try to make the report more clear.

Resolved - Denied, not a Staff Report.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs