Ghost HUD Icon For Foxtrot Freemob

When Foxtrot are spawned, and there are leftover Foxtrot that were not taken over by a ghost and were left as a freemob, a HUD icon should spawn for all ghost players to let them know of the presence of the free mobs and allow them to click the HUD icon to pick one.

I was recently witnessed to a four hour round wherein Foxtrot was purchased three times by the 2 hour mark. However, by the time the round ended at the 4-hour mark, well over 10 of the 30 foxtrots were still waiting to be taken over. Evidently a lot of people were unaware of the presence of the free mobs (people only just started to take them when the round ended and OOC was made aware of them).

I’m sure the icon itself could just be the current ‘marine’ icon with a “F” symbol.