Give Corporate Survivors CL Office Acsess

Corporate Survivors like Wey-Yu security guards do not have acsess to the Corporate Liason’s Office, nor do orange goons or white goons. Other survivor roles shouldnt have acsess to the office, rather only corporate and Wey-Yu security roles. Why?

There has been far too many times where I go shipside and I see a new, very obviously newbie corporate liason who is unsure or even unaware of paperworking mechanics. I typically help them if I can, sending them my own templates in LOOC and helping them do shit basically being their assistant to try and make learning a new role not so confusing. New CL’s I see usually dont know how to use the fax machine, dont know what the containment chamber is, or merley not knowing what the corporate liason’s job is.

Makes no sense why Wey-Yu security staff, of who are completely loyal to the company protecting xenomorph eggs on innocent colonies would have less acsess than a Corporate Liason’s office who shares the same allegiances and knowledge.

  • Opens an alternative to cryosleeping when returning shipside for some survivors
  • Opens for more roleplay shipside (usually a bit lacking)
  • Allow newer players and Liasons to learn the game with the assistance of someone more experienced at the job.

It should be entirely up to the corporate liaison on vetting and letting survivors into their office. I don’t particularly subscribe to the idea that all Wey-Yu permissions would be universal across all departments/sectors/etc either as it just doesn’t make any sense.