Give Queens a remote resin destruction ability.

Exactly like it says on the tin. It’s extremely common for the Queen to do a substantial amount of the initial building, because nobody wants to play drone or go hivelord making the Queen the biggest source of thickened resin defenses in both lowpop and when the hive is just being difficult and everyone collectively refuses to play drone.

On top of that, in my experience having drones doesn’t mean they’re going to be capable of making defenses. They might even do more harm than good. Not even touching on instances of ‘fuck I didn’t mean to put that there.’

The fact I need to call over someone to smash down a door or clear the defenses of a drone who had a room temperature IQ is really frustrating, and could be alleviated with a matching button to remote build that lets me just destroy resin.

There’s been a general push to disincentivize combat Queens already and this is just a simple QOL change that makes the remote construction that is already integral to support Queens less annoying to deal with.


Queens should just get the ability to remotely destroy special structures in a single click, at least when ovi’d

there’s no reason for it to be otherwise except for the absence of someone whod actually code it in imo


I agree, but there’s always the risk of someone pushing back because ‘B-b-but Queen too strong on ovi now!’ so baby steps.

Get one thing in, then ask for the next, etc etc.

She truthfully should be able to build, place and fill special structures as well as destroy these.