give survivors shotguns on chance's claim please

self explanatory title, shotguns are pretty necessary for survivors that want to roam for more than 5 minutes and not get destroyed by a single sentinel/drone


the forecon squad leader gets a shotgun and a box of slugs and you can get more slugs from a box in the armory. there’s also crates on the map with a chance to spawn a double barrel alongside some buckshot when cracked open. forecon being a carbon copy of every other map with shotguns would take away the magic of it entirely relying on you working together with little to no stuns


Idk who this Iowa Potato farmer is but goddamn LET HIM COOK


Forecon isn’t your “Pastor with a shotgun” survivor “team” like in most any other map.

Forecon is a unique squad based survivor unit that has to work together or get fucked trying. If you wanna run off and try to solo survive like doom guy don’t roll Survivor on CC, just like how I’ll never roll Suvivor on any map other than CC.

Let’s keep some parts of the game unique at the very least


No more shotguns on LV522. Godspeed and good luck.