Give warrior some of it's power back

As the title says, recent nerf went a bit too hard leaving it in a really bad corner camping state. Rather than getting overnerfed to spend months waiting on a rework of a perfectly fine kit it should get some power back without bringing back (and trimming the still existing) permastun.

  • Remove the pointless slow on fling (it’s already applied on punch…) and bring back the cc on around half the old timer if the warrior flings the marine into an obstacle - promotes skill and let’s it 1v1 better as it’s underperforming in that aspect for a t2. Without any stun on the fling it’s both easy to 1v1 it as a marine (if it doesn’t abuse tackle) or even easier to stunlock it in a 2v1 between two shotguns as theres no way it can disengage in cramped spaces which should benefit it.
  • Give it back at least one tile of lunge range, while I can concede the old one might’ve been too much, the new one is certainly too little.
  • Keeping in mind the CD reduc on slash removal, buff the healing on slash up to x2 to make it relevant, as in current state its barely noticeable. The multiplier per marine in vicinity is no longer relevant as even 2v1 was made impossible, to speak nothing of larger crowds - it was never telegraphed well to begin with and ought to be removed.
  • Raise it’s tackle to 4 or 5 and remove the rng aspect of min/max tackles. Getting permastunned off a single button press (lunge into tackledrag) without any chance for counterplay should never happen and is a large part of why warrior was insanely oppressive and nerfed in the first place. Makes no sense to leave an even more punishing and skilless permastun if the old one was removed.

Again, don’t rework what doesn’t need a rework. Considering how many horrible kits (spitter, praes) the game still has and how often a new kit just doesn’t work or introduces new, worse issues without fixing the previous ones (berserker, lurker, spitter again) it’s just a pointless, time consuming risk to take - fix what can be fixed. Rework what can’t.

EDIT: One notable thing I have no solution for is how the fling nerf removes all warrior potential for sieging - it is absolutely useless against cadehugging now. Since devs do not plan to shift the burden of attack back onto marines, having the means/abilities suited to siege is what alot of xenos still struggle with. If there is anything that needs to be reworked in terms of warrior kit, it would be either a new sieging suited ability or added functionality to one of it’s abilities towards that goal (without impacting the core warrior gameplay loop).


I’ll tell you this, your removing all the balance nerf features on the warrior strength.

Warrior is still good at close range and not good at long range no more. Its a Tier 2 xenomorph that had almost 80% marine capture rate on the frontlines.

It made every marine fear fighting him cause its so unfair. Once you get grabbed you get combo’ed and can’t do nothing but just wait till you die and ghost.

It can still attack/tackle when a player is grabbed making it real powerful if you two tap tackle a marine.
Giving the healing passive ability a buff will make it too powerful.

It can still 2v1 if it keeps to the weeds else its gonna die.

Spitter and prae’s are under rated, they are extremely powerful against marines on long range. Especially the praetorian with its spit killing a marine within around 6 spits.

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I will fully admit I am coming at this from this from a Marine perspective, I don’t play xenos much, and when I do its usually as a Spitter.

A good warrior player is still something to be feared, I do not believe the warrior has been reduced to the point it is considered to be some unusable xeno caste (like the Carrier) but it is now slightly less overbearing.

Beforehand a warrior could practically lunge and grab a marine from the edge of a screen with almost zero counterplay. Nowadays the warrior at least needs to start at a far closer position to do so, thus there being slightly more risk.

Just to emphasize the point here’s a video I recorded a week ago showing what a good warrior can do

I should note that the warrior goes on to kill a further five Marines before dying only because they over-extendedl.

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RNG tackles are just stupid in general and should probably just be reworked for every xeno.
I agree a lot with the sieging point. It feels like every time I join as xeno nowadays it’s just endless sieging. Why evolve to warrior when defender can siege better? I end up just not evolving at all because it’s not worth it. I was thinking a strain suited to sieging would be nice but a buff to base warrior to help it with sieging would be nice too. I currently have no desire to play base warrior even when we have loads of T2 slots that need to be filled.

Bruh using DP as an argument. Do you realize not every warrior is DP? There are a lot of players who are not that skilled. And they kinda struggle with the current kit.

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Same way with marines, you’ve got to play alot to be good. Obviously, your not gonna be good straight away.

what do you mean by “good warrior” when theres 4 marines standing there not shooting at it? Obviously you can kill however many people you want if they’re not reacting to you. lol Trying to use the 1% as an argument is similarly hilarious.

Sieging is a consequence of current gameplay mechanics and years of development.
The functions of a cadeline are:

  • Delay xeno assaults
  • Shape xeno offensive movements
  • Provide safe spaces and territory control for wounded and logistics
  • Enable marines to fight with ranged weapons from relative safety
  • Slows down combat so people can get a grasp of what’s even happening and respond to changes

Cades and cadeline sieges have become integral to marine gameplay, you cannot ignore having cades any more than xenos could ignore having weeds. Which means if you wanted to get rid of them you would have to basically redo everything about current gameplay and balance.

In my opinion you can view the current state of development of CM as an evolutionary tree, and changes are added and rejected as they meet or fail the requirements of the playerbase (sometimes this process can take years itself). The trouble with starting from scratch is that you take a huge risk trying to change something that has genuinely years of inertia behind it. You’ll quickly find, if you don’t address the known (and unknown) reasons for cadelines, that what you create as a result is quite a lot less fun. I’ve seen it happen in game development too many times to count.

And a rework of this size would take a considerable amount of effort to attempt. On the order of just starting your own CM offshoot like TGMC I think. You would have to change how marines function, every xeno ability and caste would have to be touched, every marine weapon, every map and its design. It’s a foundational part of the game and I don’t see any good or easy way to snap your finger and improve it with one neat trick.

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Siege strains could work in theory provided you can change strains every X minutes (which could(/should?) be a thing regardless tbf), but in practice no one will come up with separate sieging kits for every single caste. You could just have warrior as an outlier to this, but giving a t2 an entire kit thats good at cadebreaking could lead to cade balance changes to compensate and making sieges even more unfun for all the other caste.
Hence why it should be kept simple and either integrated into kits somehow (fling getting a check for whether marine was behind cade? poorly telegraphed though so rather bad) or via singular ability addons since that’s doable within a reasonable timeframe and would not require significant balance changes

??? wrong thread bro, no one said anything about cade reworks. lol

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DOR are you really expecting someone to buff warriors? I think the only thing you’ll get here is getting the tackle nerfed too, which is gonna sting, since it’s one of the few remaining reliable ways to cap, since capping kept getting nerfed for years under the guise of “but you get 2 larva per cap”.

Also, don’t forget the upcoming xeno survivability nerf. I kinda expect warrior to end up with like 290 health and no armor after it.

Certified skill issue moment, great clip Steelpoint
-No flares, flamer was on extinguish their first shot, when on they only blocked half the surface area leaving the unlit section open, riflemen refusing to shoot, IO missing shotgun PBs, the ungoid who got lit on fire walked around in shock unable to do anything

As for OP:
Woy, like most DPS casts, require macros / god tier keybind use. Limiting range encourages teamplay > solo cap. Skill warmup timers make it so macros don’t go bonkers. Replacing RNG tackles with armor based requirements is the only good solution. Stuns matter less if you arn’t ungaing into crowds, either attack the ball with your own hoard or be willing to give up ground to let enemies spread themselves thinner.

Better than nothing.

don’t care, I don’t play kusoge. If the game dies, it dies.