Give xenos minor customization

I harshly believe that xenos should not be able to have grandiose flavor texts that say “Well- I’m a drone but ackshually I’m 17 feet tall and you’re scared of me” However I do think it would be cool if xenos could set a small “Identifying feature” for themself. Something quick but enough to set them apart, sort of like how “Grid” the drone had the net-mark on his face, something that sets them apart, but doesn’t deviate from the normal “They’re a drone” or “They’re a runner.”

Why is this a good idea?
For xenos it gives them a small piece of customization to say “Look! That’s me! I’m expressing myself!”
And for marines it gives them an IC way to say “The same fucking runner has been harassing me all round” and they have an IC reason for knowing it’s the same runner. It’s not the same runner because it’s XX-927. It’s the same runner because it has two claws on it’s feet rather than three. Or it’s the same Praetorian because there’s a chip on the right side of it’s head crest.

Edit: It does not even have to have a physical sprite. Just something as minimal as a flavor text that pops up during examine would work


I think a good way to go about doing this is making tintable portions of xenos. Maybe the crest and claws and such. Obviously not the most complete way to customize, but I believe it’d be a good start.




please add lootboxes to the game


You are all NPC’s. You are all to look the same. Just like working joe’s. . . (however they have wigs and you don’t)

Actually a very good idea imo: minor customization like this could encourage some decent RP, and make xenos alltogether cooler to play.


Maybe if there was some way for a xeno sprite to get a cool little detail added based on what that player has done (killed X people? maybe blood streaks on you. Got hit by a sniper? Maybe there’s a hole in your sprite.)

Otherwise, I’d rather keep the faceless look of the hive. I feel identifying names is already pushing things but it at least establishes a level of continuity and player identification