gives the PO/DCC CQC inside the dropship.

OK so I know this idea sounds stupid (and it kind of is.)

But it gives the PO/DCC better CQC skill inside the dropship
The point of this idea is for DCCs/POs to keep the marines from getting to rowdy (disarm spam HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)
And this is based off of TG station chef kitchen CQC. And this can’t be abused. Well only inside the dropship and if the PO/DCC starts to abuse this the MPs will need to deal with the PO/DCC and the MPs will get immunity to the CQC and the text will be “(name) takes a swing at (name) but they block it with ease!” and the “Lore” reason is that “you feel the a burst of energy feel you and you’re hands and you hear this is YOU’RE dropship and you WILL protect it”

And yea i know this is dumb but hey i thought it would be cool so why not.


I think this could work, like the medical boost doctors get in the medial tent, and it might help with people that enjoy beating people for no reason (or griefers)

I third this, seems like a pretty nice thing for the DCCs and POs to keep order, and not get shoved by rowdy marines.

I support this, allow pilots to do something about dropship riots. They would also be able to use their right to throw rowdy marines onto the CAS landing pad and bucklecuff them there outside the DS without getting robusted and the dropship hijacked by some ungas. But of course give MPs some kind of immunity, there are quite many dropship crewmembers aiding pre-drop riots, and I do not want to see some DCC getting chased by MPs, entering the dropship and there beating them dead.

Inap OD… simple as.

I diagnose you with skill issue

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well if you try to OD them does that count as lethal escalation and then they can shoot you unless they are slow to react, but if you just disarm spam they can’t shoot you (unless they want, to but i get you’re point)

inap does 0 damage of any kind, it sleeps them - can’t fight you if they’re instantly snoozen with a double injector dose :thinking:

But inaprovaline ODs (Or ODs in general) are the same as buckshot PBing them per the rules. Even if your victim is too slow to fight back, you will be aslept and banned within seconds for IE.

yea I like the replies from some of you guys but the chances of this getting off the ground is nearly less the zero but the even if it does some developers will very likely shoot it down so Im going to close this in a week or two

YES PLEASE This would be great. as someone who does PO this is great