Giving Cables more of a use

Think about the last time you used cables for something, probably creating a machine, repairing cybernetics, or constructing an airlock right? How many times have you used it in or out of combat really? It’s never an essential bring, and since power networks are somewhat simplified (no need to run an engine on the ship, simplified power/PSU on the ground) I thought about giving cables some greater purposes.

The first idea I had I think is pretty cool but would require a lot of coding and some spriting. The idea would be creating a line of cables strewn across a barricade, that when connnected through ground wires or other cable’d cades to a power source, electrifies the barricade, stunning and damaging anyone who attacks it. The downside to this would be the opportunity cost of barbed wire, and possibly allowing pouncing runners/lurkers to jump over it. Shocking airlocks is one of the most tried, tested, and valuable tactics of survivors because it works, and e grills before removal were a stable of fun defensive lines. This would require engineers to purchase or steal/acquire a portable generator, probably a new fancy one that can be moved with two hands and should require a fuel source like welding fuel, wood logs, or something acquired from the OT lab. The generator would work as a small power source, you couldnt use them to power the colony at all but they can provide access to individual depowered areas of the colony, powering electric barricades, and further spread the marines’s influence on the ground, similar to lights and barricades. As a last point, maybe have weeds be insulated against power sources so drones can slowdown the flow of power if engineers make a supply line of electricity somewhere.

Improvised weaponry/equipment. I like the idea of colonists and suicidal naked marines macguyvering shitty weapons out of whatever materials they find on the ground, or otherwise creating improvised equipment. Maybe have cables used as slings for a makeshift weapon, or use it to turn a material like leather into a small backpack, or something else along that line, let the dev team’s creativity flow.

My last idea and I think the most wild, would turn it into a pseduo rappel, that would allow marines to drop someone slowly into a xenomorph tunnel and have them either crawl out the otherside or tug on it to be retrieved. This idea is really out there, but imagine how cool it would be to infiltrate the hive like this as scout? it might lead to some meta conflict/arms race between burrowers and scouts. Maybe make the tunnel’s other side be a random other tunnel somewhere on the colony.

Add solar arrays and force engineers to lay cable on the ground to wire them up to the SMES battery like in the good old days

ngl the only time i grab cable is when i got a limb replaced or needed to restrain a CLF survivor, but engies hold onto them as rarely as APC boards. having more uses for cable is up there with more uses for sandbags imo.

I’d like there to be more uses for cable coil but it’s also inventory bloat and at the current time there’s been too much done to cut down on what marines can carry and it’s already at the point that a lot of, “I’d like to bring this” simply isn’t possible anymore.

I would bring cable coils and APC’s if I had the room for them, but I don’t and they’re not that important, so they get axed.

Toolkits were great for this for the short time that they were able to hold things in addition to cable coils and apc boards, but I’m not taking them when I can only use 2/6 slots now because nothing else fits.

Increasing the usefulness of not often used equipment is going to necessitate some common sense improvements in marine carrying capacity.

i store 2 cables, 2 APC boards, 2 high cap cells, and spare welding goggles in a single engineer kit, which takes up maybe a quarter of a satchel

Improvised weaponry using cable coil already exists you can make a stunprod and a spear using it some metal rods and either glass or a wirecutter. First you make cable restraints(right click the cable coil while it’s in your hand) then you use metal rods on it finally use either wirecutters for a stunprod or a glass for a spear on the metal whip.

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Literally only ever useful for guerrilla warfare (or gorilla warfare in the case of the MTs fighting the MPs)

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