Giving survivors more flexibility during lowpop hours

Adding even just one extra surv can be pretty destabilising for the xenos on lowpop, imo. I’ve seen plenty of lowpop rounds where the survs fucked up a few T1s and T2s and ended up cucking the hive’s early strength against the marines. Adding an extra survivor to the mix is too strong.

Survivors should be extras that get wiped half the time before the main post-deployment gorefest, as they’ve always been.

And I’m just giving mine. Chill.

Whats with all the threads asking for making survivor easier now?

Its the third faction of cope. We finally have the marine cope, xeno cope and survivor cope all together.

Predcord cope when stalin?

Don’t know. Got banned once for doing a copypaste of how much i dislike them.

I will not stop until EVERYONE has coped and not just the preds but the RMC,W-Y,CLF and the UPP too.