Giving survivors more flexibility during lowpop hours

During lowpop hours (usually around European hours) there’s usually only like 1-2 survivors maybe 3-4 at best, naturally this makes it where survivors will literally eviscerate the second they encounter more than a T1

I think this has been brought up before, so instead of getting opinions on whether or not survivors should be buffed or nerfed I just wanna see what ideas can come up for survivors that might help them out during lowpop hours.

What are some ideas that might help survivors not become T2-T3 food when ultimately the two people defense gets overwhelmed almost immediately?

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Survivors are set dressing.


all survivors must die

Survivors already survived too long


survivor pop was already boosted about a while ago, iirc, and that was more than enough. survivor is hard mode, hard mode shouldnt have handholding because your population is lower. the xenos have less of themselves too, so do the marines, lowpop on a game intended for mid-to-high pop is obviously going to be unbalanced. besides, this game isnt supposed to be balanced for survivors vs xenos, its marines vs xenos. survivor is an optional hard mode side role.

really dont like the trend of people wanting to make survivor easier. this is coming from a dude that enjoys and plays survivor a lot BECAUSE of how hard it is. if you cant play it well enough to have fun or survive, just roll marine, man.


I understand how this comes up before, all though I’m not looking to the capacity of turning survivor into handholding.

The thing is the ONLY way to survive on lowpop is to hide, it’s a one in million chance to survive by holding out, it never works otherwise.

In lowpop the xenomorphs are far from challenged when it comes to fighting survivors, you’ll often find warriors, praes, spitters and such as you would even see on highpop, maybe even defenders (some maps downright don’t even have AP)

What I’m looking for is ideas thay avoid putting survivors in a situation on lowpop where they have two choices, hide in some area for 40 minutes, or die and have to spend an entire round observing or play xenomorph.

Again, not asking for a survivor handholding buff, just looking for something that will give survivors more flexibility on actually doing something when they ultimately have about 2-3 people on.

On low pop you’re better off just hiding and hoping for the best that xenos might assume no survs have spawned at all. Least until the UAV spots you.

Roles in mostly a good spot right now where sometimes you make it by the skin of your teeth or go perma seconds before the marines arrive. Plus it’s somewhat possible to survive even if you’re not the most robust so long as you get the supplies together and coordinate with the other folks you’re with. Means folks who want to roleplay shipside but aren’t able to keep up with the combat like me still get the chance to tell some fun stories about how the infestation started.

Almost every survivor main I have met has agreed that hiding is the most absolute boring thing someone could ever do during their time planetside. (It still happens quite frequently anyways.)

Again, survivor as a role should be fun to play, any and every role should be fun to play that’s what makes people play them.

The difficulty surviving is that entertainment for survivors, it’s not an easy thing to do and to add onto that is what I am looking for.

If you enjoy survivor being difficult then you’ll probably enjoy giving ideas, there’s nothing difficult or entertaining about hiding in a fridge, grass, coffin or anything else for 20-40 minutes so you can ultimately be dismissed by a CL when you arrive shipside and they’re too busy faxxing WY because an SO threatened them.

I did do some miswording on the title and I should fix that, I’m not looking for buffing ideas I’m looking for flexibility ideas, maybe something that might allow survivors to be more mobile and evasive or maybe even ambushing, like hiding momentarily and then surprise attacking a passing group of xenomorphs (which is near impossible as most hiding spots temporarily stun you when opened).

I’m not exactly a good idea giver which is why I am looking for ideas, of course.

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I don’t mind if you are hiding to RP once marines land, but many of them are just AFK and i’ve seen many times where the entire round went by and they never left the locker. This is the only time I think it’s a bad thing. I dislike it because survivor works better as a team effort but at the same time sometimes you have to cut a teammate off to keep survivor’ing and thems just the breaks. So for me, hiding = cringe, unfun, not for me, but should be allowed provided the player isn’t AFK.

Also, I regularly survive on lowpop, sometimes even alone and killing multiple xenos. Have you tried shooting them?

I feel you, I don’t hide myself because I know how badly is shafts the other survivors, the amount of times one engineer has hidden in a locker when if they stuck with us we’d have all survived it absurd.

Back to topic maybe if survivors could move around the vents too? Albeit moving much slower. Would help them get around but also runs into the problem of what happens when a xeno and a survivor bump into each other?

Otherwise as much as it falls into when you code it territory maybe a way for survivors to get to the almayer in a one use one or two person pod active only on low pop? A few scattered around the colony so it’s harder to meta and it also allows some marines who crash during hijack an objective to get back to the almayer?

Problem there is if it’s to easy to pull of xenos get left bored on the planet same as the sec dome issue on LV and if it’s too hard then it’d never be used.

Personally I don’t think survivors need anything besides maybe a guaranteed engineer spawn because of how critical they can be to keeping a hold together.

It’s kind of hard to secure a kill at times but again, ambushing xenomorphs can be quite fun.

It all truly comes down to perspective, but that’s mostly why I do hide, I love to RP as a survivor, holding sermons as a priest/chaplain, giving stories to the CL or CIC/MPs as regular civilian, serving drinks as a bartender or anything else that may come up.

All though surviving can be more difficult for hiders when xenomorphs know to look, again flexibility helps in fallbacks too, but nothing that would immediately kill most likely, you are solo if you’re hiding (usually)

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Yeah, wasn’t for a second pretending that it’s an easy thing, if they wait and don’t come as drones it can be very hard, defender and sentinel are very hard to counter on most maps. Even a drone can kill you essentially in a single slash too, so trading with them is risky, but no risk no reward I go all in all the time because it’s what makes it fun for me.

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I would really like if there was some sort of system for flushing the vents, like a timed event that has an icon near most vents emergency type button where the xenos can know “okay i can’t just UAV ventcamp under him he’s heating the vents”.

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This is just “I want hard-mode achievement on easy-mode”


You not having fun with a role does not mean no one has fun with the role.

You are not a collective being of all survivor players nor do you speak for them.

Survivor is hard mode. It’s meant to be hard mode. The chances of survival are low on purpose.

More than a few players play survivor and then try to frag out or do something cool and switch over to xeno if they die. Their experience was not hampered here. There is more than just your one life as a human to the game.


Survivor gets boring if you live anyway, you talk to the CL (if there is one), which is some decent RP, and then have no idea what to do because who the fuck would actually deploy back to the colony, I usually just cryo and play runner.

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Xenos usually don’t really commit to surv hunting on lowpop, because losing numbers to survs on lowpop is very bad for them. I often see Queens ordering xenos to ignore survs at all on lowpop. But even when they don’t ignore the survs, you usually need to kill only a few to make them cut their losses and flee. If you cannot do this, then that’s a you problem.

hes just giving his opinion. chill

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I have to admit I have never actually seen a round where they have backed down against survs, maybe once or twice I’ve seen them temporarily move back, to regen when a good amount of shots are off but there’s usually more xenomorphs than there are survivors in every single round and it’s usually one side will overwhelm the other.

All though in that opportunity you can run away and live off a little longer or even go in hiding long enough for the marines to arrive, but it’s fairly infrequent (all though I take the opportunity if we’re losing even if I’ll get dunked on by dchat for escaping and not dying with everyone else)

As for the last part, yeah that sounds about right, if you can kill two or even three they’re usually going to leave you alone for quite awhile, all though that doesn’t make a survivor immortal, lurkers and runners pounce, warriors grab and praes pull, the xenomorphs have plenty of options when it comes to instantly stunning a survivor for long enough to have them drop their weapon.

Again, it’s all personal preference, queens, survivors and rounds all vary and anything can happen, it’s just looking for flexibility and entertainment, a survivor is as strong as their ability to use their weapon and it should stay that way, and giving survivors more paths to take other than hold out and fight or hide might be a nicer touch to their gameplay.

You can just not taking fight and survive, as the true meaning of the word “survivors”