GOD#5873 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - GOD#5873

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Total Ban Duration


Reason for Ban

Transmisia? tbh I don’t quite know the specifics of the rule I broke


I would like to start by saying I understand why I was banned considering I was responding to a rather political topic (Believe it was a news headline about an armed Antifa group standing guard outside a LGBTQ+ club) and if I was in the position of administration I would have likely done the same thing.

With that out of the way I will say that I did hold my tongue from saying what I truly felt. Before the admin banned me they asked me elaborate on a statement I made when responding to the news headline (cant remember what I said but I don’t think it was anything demining or harmful to the LGBTQ+ community) and told them “if I do [elaborate] I will be banned for transphobia”. I knew that speaking what I really felt was not welcome per the no politics rule in the chat and I was already in the wrong for even responding to the post about the news headline in the first place.

To summaries all posted above I understand that by even lightly engaging in politics was against the discords rules and that while yes I did hold my tongue I was still in breech of the discords rules that I agreed upon joining.

Moving forward I intend to steer clear of anything relating to politics that may pop up in the future.


You were banned for bigotry. “I did hold my tongue” is just saying that you haven’t changed anything but the fact that now you know not to say what you’re really thinking.

This permanent ban stays.