Goofiest loadouts

im one the search for the goofiest loadout that could actually work (?) if you have any ideas or actual loadouts send them. I also accept death threats


Courtesy of @Lmwevil

Light armour
No helmet
Flare Pouch
Flare Pouch
Flare gun holster w/signal flares
Flare gun holster w/normal flares
Flares in my armour
A bag full of flare resupply boxes
RTO backpack


double pistol holsters, shoulder holster, bag filled with pistols, boot knife replaced with hummingbird pistol and service jacket with a pistol belt in the suit slot, MD in belt slot. and no helmet. extra points for stealing a suit and sunglasses from the CL.

The John Woo akimbo loadout. all pistols loaded with AP

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hero for posting my flare spec loadout

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Throwing knife rig
Bayonet pouch
Bayonet pouch
Knife webbing (filled with throwing knives, of course)
Throwing knife in my mouth
Light armor (filled with throwing knives, of course)
Machete scabbard (backpack)
Machete scabbard (armor storage slot)
(Optional) 1-2 backpack(s) (filled with throwing knives, of course)

Runners fear me.


when the synth hits you with the dollar store throwing knife machinegun script


6 months later…


15h later…

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1h later…


shut up

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still good by the way, better now imo. Tweak to the build is taking a lase if you feel like actually coordinating CAS


I have some funny loadouts that I still remember.

A Sorta Normal Loadout

Light Armour
M44 Revolver Pistol Belt
Shotgun Scabbard [on back]
Large Magazine Pouch [or regular]
Medical Pouch [one of them]
Black Webbing Vest [the 5 slot one]

M41Amk2 [in suit slot] {use large magazine pouch for mags}
M44 Revolver [in M44 pistol belt] {Get as many heavy rounds as possible} {also B8 Scope}
M37A2 [in scabbard] {use black webbing vest for buckshot}

Goal: Be a Jack of All Trades

Use the m41a for medium/long range, the shotgun for close range, and the m44 for sniping warriors of the people in the front when they get grabbed. [M44 used to knock down warriors and such before it was nerfed]

The 5 Machete Loadout

Any Armour
Machete Scabbard in Belt
Machete Scabbard on Back
2 Machete Scabbards in Both Pockets
Machete Scabbard in Suit


Own 5 Machetes for weed clearing, since that’s what the founding fathers intended. I spot 4 xenos near me. “What the devil?” As I grab both my machetes in both hands. Cut a big gash through the first xeno, broke a resin node as he goes running away. Got pounced by a lurker, draw my third machete on the second xeno, miss him entirely because he ran away and cut apart the pylon at comms. After a while I have to resort to my last machete mounted at my back covered in poison, “*scream”, the shrapnel from sadars rocket missing takes down two marines in friendly fire, the sound and extra shrapnel decimated most of the hive. “*warcry” and charge the last terrified xeno. He Bleeds out waiting on tunneling since the poison on my machete has no cure. Just as the founding fathers intended.

The 10-11 Mod88 Loadout

Any Armour
General Pistol Holster in Belt
2 Pistol Pouches in Both Pockets
Satchel on Back
Drop Pouch on Uniform

4-5 Mod88s in Satchel
2 Mod88s in Both Pockets
1 Mod88 in Belt
1 Mod88 in Suit
2 Mod88s in Drop Pouch

Goal: Switching to your sidearm is faster than reloading!

This was when dual wielding Mod88s was very powerful, wanted all the shooting with no reloading.


Where is the all flare all the time loadout?


Eh, flare gun belt, flare pouch, flare pouch, g8 pouch with flares on armour, satchel with flares, flares in armour, flares in webbing, flares in helmet?


a bag of OT nades with nothing else

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whoa noir easter egg


OH WOW! You actually did it! How was the weed clearing? Did the warriors give you any trouble?

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