Gorap - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - LTNTS

Gorap - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - LTNTS

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Adeline Feilding

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Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

Note | Rule 2: Roleplay | Player as the CMP gave full access (during Delta) to another marine and MP with the titles “Special Marine” and “Special MP”. Player stated that they did that as a precautionary measure in case they were downed. Player was informed that there is sufficient amount of officers alive (including SOs, POs, IOs and the CMO (aside from them)) and they shouldn’t be giving anyone full-level access (moreso enlisted personnel). Player was further informed if they were downed, other players may take their ID to use the CIC equipment if necessary. According to the player the CO woke up later in the round. Player was somewhat argumentative during the ticket.

The DS had been hijacked already and was enroute. I had recently mutinied against the acting aCO, which was the ASO, with the approval of the CMO(The only department head, unless CE counts then my mistake.). I had ordered the evacuation and personally wished to die in CIC, yet a marine and a MP stayed in the CIC with me, along with the SO and PO. The CIC was locked down at this point with the summary of occupants being: PO, a newbie(They didn’t even know how to remove buckshot from a box, Marine Curran, AKA slyoski on the discord; SO, AKA zickusable; and the MP.

I also believe that the singular IO and PO not multiple are not considered command staff, and do not even have the access to swipe for cards, if I am wrong correct me. They should not be considered in the note, as there was not only not multiple as the note suggests, but not in the CIC(the IO atleast) and didn’t have access to even lift the lockdown in case they wished to leave.

This part, I understood where I was wrong, but I felt that that note itself was not worthy of being even noted. I believe the Senior Mod, LTNTS. Lied in the note itself and did not know that I could still give access to others as stated in the rules in the rules section on the website:

In the evidence section, you can see the ticket itself. They at no point told me about others being able to take my ID. I also believe that statement makes no sense, due to it being a emergency situation and myself, wishing to stay in my chair in a suicidal attempt in honor. As the Captain should go down with the ship, even a acting one.

The ranks of the personnel had no matter in the incident itself during a emergency situation, my character and I believed that they should not get stuck in CIC should they wish to push out, escape CIC, or launch lifeboats in the case I died.


Requested Testimonies from soomis, the CO who woke up. saffi, the CMO, who was not in CIC nor no where near CIC at the time, and zickusable, the SO in the CIC with me.

In round evidence:
(Picture sent by tophatpenguinn, who pictured the CO waking up when Hijack had already happened.)

Ticket itself:

This part, I understood where I was wrong, but I felt that that note itself was not worthy of being even noted. I believe the Senior Mod, LTNTS. Lied in the note itself and did not know that I could still give access to others as stated in the rules in the rules section on the website:

Part of the rules I am referencing:


Exerpt from the Round Discord. From the CMO saying they were not in CIC.

I would also like to add that LTNTS did not answer the question the first two times, hence why I asked which rule. I assume this is the part that was considered argumentative. I was a bit heated at the time, but quickly reeled myself in and just made this forum report instead.

Can you elaborate on this please? Is this referring specifically to the activation of Evac mentioned directly after, or something else?

This is just a bit of background. TLDR, the ASO was incompetent as all hell BEFORE the Hijack, so I asked the CMO to go to the CIC to give their approval to mutiny/remove the ASO.

The ASO had been armed on green for quite sometime, they were also silent on the chair, did not talk on comms or give orders, nor did they answer the telephone.

This is not relevant to the note itself, just wanted to add that.

I have to say, i was the CMO of that Round and was desperately needed somewhere else. I was at CIC very shortly, CMP has explained the Situation and i’ve agreed for them to take over for the time being. Since i’ve had places to be and they were doing great work handling what was going on at CIC.

The relevance being the term ‘mutiny’ which you are forbidden to do as an MP as you cannot usurp the legal chain of command, nor can a mutiny occur without certain conditions being met regardless. If the ASO was SSD/Disconnected/AFK then you are able to act in their stead, but if they’re in-game and present they remain in command unless otherwise stated by command or if they willingly relinquish command.

From the sounds of it, though I have not reviewed logs at this time, you acted as needed. But keep in mind the phrasing of things please.

My mistake. I thought I required just heads of staff approval then a fax after, like old CM. However, the note is not about it.

However, I will keep this in mind. I will also note that the ASO was still arrested anyways due to them refusing to put away their rifle on green and essentially after complaints from the marines, CE, CMO, and everyone due to them not doing their job as aCO.

Hello, I am the “another marine.” As for the “Special,” part, the console automatically does that the CMP did not change our rank names.

All the stuff beforehand is fluff, context will be purely based on what the note is referred to (hijack) and logs will do the rest.

I wake up and gear up as I get an announcement of the ship launching from the planet on collision course to the Alamo. I head to CIC to ensure that everyone inside had left, break the window and force entry on Delta alert. Inside is an SO who’s relatively untalkative, the CMP stationed in the chair in CIC, and another MP.

She goes on to explain that the XO deployed and died approximately 10 minutes into the operation (assumedly with the tablet), as well as the ASO being stripped of Command for the inability to do his job (ASO is 3IC, they’re expected to take over should the need arise). I decide to remain in CIC with the CMP, and have my ID updated ONLY to CIC/Command access so I can use the doors and etc. At this time, the CO awakens from cryogenic storage as the ship crashes. We lock down CIC, remain inside and use cameras to ascertain the situation. The ERT was hostile, the crash was just behind the bridge in the Pilot’s bunks. We were cut off from the outside.

Marines did push and re-capture the Alamo, but that would not come until a solid 10-15 minutes afterwards. For what it’s worth, I do not like touching IDs because of the amount of trouble you can get in. In the event of CIC being overrun, I would have to strip their ID (taking an extra 4-5 seconds) and risk losing it to open doors and manage to escape with or without their body. She was not advertising “FREE RANK CHANGES” nor doing it out of malice, and I respected those boundaries. As long as they was alive, CIC was theirs and it was mutually understood between us.

TLDR; I think it is extremely roleplay-esque to hold down the fort after the incompetence of those before you. Utilizing announcements and cameras, they were able to guide marines and relay information. The CMP did what they had to do in the event of her death to ensure we can accomplish other goals that require access, in a “let them come get me, carry on my legacy” sense. As far as I know, it was not full access and was only senior command and command access for the ability to use doors/consoles.


Hello, I was the CO player mentioned, I joined the round right as the dropship crashed into the Almayer. I grouped up with the marines and we ended up winning. I was told by multiple marines after this that the CMP was what kept the OP running after the XO deployed and died and the ASO was silent.

From my POV both as a player and a late wake CO I find that completely acceptable to handle what is a mess of a situation and resolved it in the best way possible.

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I haven’t played as SO and XO for a long time. At the beginning XO said to me to deploy, then he changed mind and left me (SO) almost alone in CIC. So, I couldn’t even get used to role and wasn’t be able to keep track of everything around (like bunch of MPs, bald-helmet ASO, CL, groundside massacre, momentally vanished XO, chat). I assumed that CMP knew what he was doing and I was refering to him in questions of any access changes. The only thing I can confirm is that CO woke up just at the same time with hijack. I saw CO at first time via overwatch when he was pushing crushed DS (between CIC and medbay) with marines. Sorry for my English

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That’s my bad there, I was going to inform you after I added the note but with all the arguing and back’n forth, it slipped my mind.

Anyhow the issue was not with giving them access, but giving them full access as per Rule 2 - Command. You shouldn’t be giving full-access at all per the non-modifiable SOPs.

From a roleplay/teamwork perspective you’d be giving the officers heightened access in the case of (or during) an emergency. However, not full access or giving the role of “Commanding Officer”.

This was not going to end up with a note but just a talking to, however when you ended up being aggressive it led to an escalation to a note.

Could both sides have handled this better? Probably, but in that moment it unfortunately did not happen.

As per Rule 2 - ID Access. I should not be giving/modifying it unless during exceptional circumstances.

My main issue is that I believe that the note was uncalled for. As I became agitated due to you not answering my question in a way to inform me TWICE.

There is also the points of literally the CMO, CO, SO, Marine whom I gave the access to backing me up.

In character or out of Character, I had no idea. That the CMO/IO/etc were alive BEFORE I gave the access modification.

I will admit me giving them all access was just me being lazy and wishing to get back into the action instead of just giving them specific accesses(This makes sense both ICly and OOCly)

Me clicking ‘Commanding Officer’ and just renaming it was quicker than manually giving access. But I feel that both since it was Delta and that the increased access could not be abused at the time, that it definitely was not worth a note.

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If you look at the actual ticket. You can see me genuinely trying to find out which rule I was breaking. I was given essentially a ‘you should not’ and one half answer. Instead of the specific rule till I got angered.

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After speaking to management, and considering the situation - I’m more than happy to figure out a solution that works for both of us. I can reach out to you via discord DMs or vice versa, and we can see where we stand.

We talked and we are still buds that suffer in admin teams.
Anyways, I’d like this ticket to be closed.


Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs

Report is being withdrawn per OPs request