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Can we please remove the ability for synths to grab xenos?

I cannot tell you how many times as a normal xenos I have been grabbed and pulled by synths as every xeno under the sun.

There is zero reason synths should be able to grab xenos. Marines are not able to because its not balanced, so why can a synth grab me and pull me out from cover, into cades, into the apc, up ladders, etc.

I saw someone say it was to “help them not get bodyblocked by xenos” but if you get bodyblocked by xenos who cares. You put yourself in a dangerous situation and you fucked around and found out. Marines don’t get to grab xenos because “they got body blocked.”

The only way you should be able to grab a xeno is if it’s dead, or the queen has allied your faction.

Yes I could pr every synth that grabs me, or it just can be mechanically fixed.


On this note, remove the stun when a marine trys to grab a xeno and gets knocked down for 5 seconds.

But either way, skill issue? this has never been a problem as a synth shouldn’t even be combating in the first place. If a synthetic is combating then you should report it, unless their protecting someone on the verge of death.


Synths can’t drag you out of cover or into cades, if they’re doing that then please report them. It’s combat synthing, and we’ve had an epidemic of combat synthing lately with the new synths.

Also synths are insanely strong, what do you mean they shouldn’t be able to drag xenos and there’s no reason for it? In lore synths can bench press cars.

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Like I said in my op, I could sit here and report them every time they did goofy stuff like that, but I really shouldn’t have too.

You both haven’t given a singular reason on why you need to grab xenos that aren’t allied to your faction. If you don’t have the capability to pull them, then this isn’t a problem. This problem doesn’t even need player reports since it can be solved mechanically.

And yeah, there has been a comedic amount of blantant combat synthing; on that we can and do agree. I’m just giving an easy mechanical solution.

If we want to go the realism route a synth would melt as soon as acid blood touched them.


I see no reason why this wouldn’t be an easy to approve change, but of course marine mains will nit pick it.
As someone with almost equal hours xeno and marine, close to 700 each, to me this is an obvious mechanical fix to something that shouldn’t happen in the first place.

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While a Synthetic grabbing a xeno, in a manner that is intended to cause harm or death, does mean the Synthetic is performing a combat action, I should stress that Synthetics are allowed to perform combat actions under certain circumstances.

The issue more so is when this is valid or not, and I have to report that from experience that xeno players can get quite aggressive when it comes to synths and their opinions regarding them.

Just player report anyone you think is breaking the guidelines is my suggestion. Instead of everyone playing a game of assuming every Synth is breaking the rules, or thinking no rules are ever being broken.

Consider the fact that Joes wouldn’t be able to bodyslam Runners in the ARES Core.


I don’t think you’ve presented an argument substantial enough to remove a mechanic. The amount of times you are killed by a synth grabbing you is negligible, and moving xenos out of the way is something you have to do from time to time. Like marines, synths are pushed by all xeno castes including runners, and so it’s extremely easy to get shoved into a corner. Additionally, as I was saying with the synth strength, you have the ability to upgrab smaller xenos and throw them against walls or table stun them. This is a cool ability. Also I said the realism route because synths share the super strength trait with preds, showing their strength from lore, not that the lore reason is enough of a reason.

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it’s there for roleplay + synths are already pretty shit in melee combat (especially now that it does substantial damage to them), there are almost always only 4 of them maximum out of a pool of at least 120 marines. it’s balanced

PR people who break the rules or they will keep breaking them

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What rp requires you to grab a hostile xeno and pull it?

I still haven’t heard a legit reason as to why you need to grab and pull a hostile hive.

Not to mention sometimes its just played off as accidental.

"Oh ran into all the xenos to try to grab the pfc, but I grabbed the queen and dragged her while she was resting for 6 tiles. " ← that happened to ssr

many xenos have been pulled while dragging caps back because the synth comes up and drags the xeno from behind cover instead of the marine. mistake? maybe, but it still should not be happening.

whats with the synths these days running into all the xenos for 1 person? that used to be flagged as combat synthing by the council but now it’s just run of the mill.

idk if they couldn’t grab xenos that aren’t allied, that would be a step in the right direction.

Also the amount of times people should be killed by a synth grabbing them should be 0 not “negligible.” Since they aren’t supposed to be grabbing and pulling xenos from cover or into danger. I’m speaking about regular combat ground side, not topside or fob sieges. And the fact that you think its okay because it “rarely” happens is so oily.


This seems contradictory to me. You imply it’s against the rules and should be reported, but also it’s balanced and they need it because they’re shit in melee combat?
Which is it? Do we need this for balance reasons? Or should this not be happening in combat and it’s only for RP? You can’t say both of these things. I don’t understand why you want to justify it from a balance perspective if supposedly synths should never be doing this.

Also in what world is grabbing a xeno out of cover balanced just because there’s only max 4 of them? It only takes 1 synth grabbing a xeno to get them killed.


Aggro grab runner tableslam/throw them into a wall for a badass finisher. Get gawked at by all your surv buddies for being the clearly superior lifeform.

Take a runner in crit and throw them back to their buddies as a power move. “If you keep that up, you’re going to be next.”

I did a lifeguard gimmick on new varadero once and nearly had to kick some xenos out of the pool. I feel like pulling a praetorian out by it’s tail like a wet cat would have been fun if it came to it.

Synthetics can also restrain xenomorphs with specialized handcuffs if they get them, for transport & research purposes. Maybe a bit of a rarer circumstance, but if research do get their hands on a live alien then a synthetic manhandling them around in the research cells would certainly be fun to watch and comment on.

It’s not negligible, it’s almost completely unheard of, at least to me. I have not seen a synth drag a xeno out of cover into the marine line of fire or otherwise once.

It depends on the circumstance, obviously if I run up to the queen or a T3 who’s doing a cheeky rest just barely outside of the marines line of fire near the frontline and drag them in front of a 56D where they get shredded, that’s against the rules. What’s not against the rules is throwing a runner into a wall to kill it on delta alert or dragging a xeno out of your way if you get bodyblocked.

This most likely constitutes most likely running directly inside of xeno defenses or very close to them. (warrior hell, ravager hell, queen hell, spitter/boiler hell - you get the point.)

((Having 4 synthetics in a round also would require there to be at least 4 whitelist holders on, all interested in playing synthetic, over 100 marines, a synthetic survivor that survives, hijack to occur, the XO/CO to call an ERT, for the ERT to be a faction that can spawn a synthetic, and for a synthetic to roll the ERT. More likely than not you’ll be seeing one on lowpop, occasionally two, and maybe three if you’re lucky.))

And again, if this gets them killed outside of hijack I’m positive that’s a guideline breach! The more people who are actually doing bad shit that you report, the less people there will be abusing the mechanic (which is almost never abused as-is). Problem solved, no removal required.

So being lrp is your rp reason?

Doing a pool party with a dangerous galaxy shredding bioweapon is why something that is not needed should stay in? This is synth “rp” btw.

You are a councilor saying that being lrp should be protected. This is 2023 Cm in a nutshell.

I said my piece, it’s not needed. Hopefully morrow will be based and remove it. There are slews of videos of synths pulling xenos out of cover and into gun fire.


Considering that xeno “roleplay” standards are at the bottom of the Marianas trench, I’d not consider a survivor synthetic acting as a lifeguard for a pool that tolerates xenos so long as they follow the rules as a low roleplay event. Especially considering our guidelines state that mental health rules are far more relaxed for survivors, this includes synthetics who could be reasoned to have taken damage that may alter their programming.

Furthermore, I believe some people are vastly over stating how strong Synth grabbing is versus xenos.

The best a Synth can do is slowly drag a xeno, they don’t sprint or run fast, they move slowly. A xeno can instantly break the grip by moving and the grab does not function like a human on human grab, so you can’t swap places with the xeno by grabbing them. The only way a Synth can get away with grabbing a xeno in a offensive manner is if the xeno is SSD.

The only xeno a Synth can grab and “chock” are Larva and Runners, and in both cases all you have to do is resist and you instantly break free. The chock also does no actual damage. If you died to a Synth because they grabbed you, I’d wager you were going to die either way.

If a Synth killed you in melee, what is the difference if they grabbed you and dragged you a few tiles away off of weeds? You were going to die in either respect and the Synth would only be attacking you if it was permitted to do so.

Predators never try to grab xenos during a fight, as even they are slow enough that a xeno can escape a grab before they can get a chock. What chance does a Synth have to do the same?

A synth does not have mental health for 1.

For 2 comparing a whitelisted role meant to uphold a standard to an unwhitelisted role that anyone can play is apples to oranges.

So yes, acting as a lifeguard to a hostile alien species that just killed everyone is lrp.

As previously mentioned, welcome to 2023.


Synthetics do not experience mental health issues as we know it. They do suffer from programming errors or systems damage.

If a Synthetic experienced some kind of programming error or structural damage, it could alter its state of mind. Perhaps our synthetic lifeguard suffered some kind of incident that is now causing it to believe the xenomorphs are authorized patrons?

That’s the thing about roleplay, its what makes the game interesting and allows for unique things to occur even. It was also a harmless event that involved Xenos doing something that is not waiting for the Marines to arrive.

I don’t like to insult people. But only a xeno main who enjoys wordlessly killing neutral synthetics or other entities would think a event involving xenos roleplaying with anything is a bad thing.

I might be biased cause I was one of the xenos who roleplayed with the lifeguard synth though.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 16.25.43


In all seriousness though you’re the one who asked for some examples.

And yes, I did get some good RP out of it, and compared to what I usually get (mostly wordlessly gibbed or woy’d) it was the RP of the century.

Ill take it.

Ok going to edit my comment because it sounded a lot more aggressive that I intended and was off topic.

Anyways, I don’t doubt this thread was started because it happened to you, but I’ve played this game for 2000 hours and I’ve never seen a synth use dragging as it’s combat synth choice outside of once or twice. I think that it would be far easier to just DM a councilor what happened and get the guy off the WL if it’s a real issue, than punishing the whole WL for something that’s a non-issue.

We both agree that combat synthing within the WL is crazy rn and especially the newer synths need to be reigned in pretty hard, but this isn’t the combat method I usually see. It’s them doing stupid shit like hmm today I will 1v1 the lurker like I’m a pred or running through boiler gas to melee you twice while capping.

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