Greenos Timed locked

Alright I do not know how much coding it will require but here is my idea. Greeno’s queen is currently open to everyone which causes problems where the Greeno’s (Are supposed to be friends unless threated) They do not listen to that and decide to only be friends to get caps while they are growing then imminently betray. Now I am gold XO and Ancient Queen I have played on both sides of this. So, I understand every side of the story, but this is getting out of hand. So, my suggestion is to Lock the First Greeno behind a time lock for queen maybe 20 hours or 15. So we do not have these people that do not know the rules behind Greeno’s and how they are supposed to be friendly time to learn what Greeno’s are supposed to be. I would more than welcome to more people changing this up or suggesting other ways but right now there needs to be more set-in stone rules on Greeno’s or what I just suggested because from both sides it is just not fun.
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I thought that greeno’s were supposed to be friends until threatened, guess I got told or saw wrong??

i sugest to reimploment the rule that greenos cant betray at all and they can only betray when they are like very theraten and if greenos will betray without a good reason the queen will get banned for ordering so

Marines salty the giant alien death lizards don’t behave like domesticated dogs.

Whole point of greenos is luck of the draw, will that Queen decide you look tastier than the normal xenos. Roleplay harder instead of demanding it be rules enforced.


Common mistake to missunderstand greenos that way. The corupted hive is neither friendly nor agressive. They are neutral. The only hive that is friendly by the rules are tamed and renegade. The corupted hive has no rules stating they need to be friendly.

The thing that makes it possibel that you CAN co-operate with the corupted hive are two things:

  1. They can understand you.
  2. They are a neutral party allowing communications to take place.

To often did i see people treat greenos as if they have to obey the marines just because they are greenos. You have to barter with them. You are not creating lap dogs. You are creating a indipentend life form. And when you treat them like they dont have a choice in the matter, even if they do, they will likly seek out a better deal. Greenos are not loyal to the USMC. They are loyal to the one they struck a deal with. The better deal to be exact.

Or, very blatantly said. Greenos are very RP focused. AND NOT FRIENDLY. If they are often unfreindly to you, you are likly to blame for it not “bald” queens.

The only thing i would suggest would be a toggabel greeno que. Although that has a whole can of problems i rather not open.


The only change i would see is make tamed xenoes a bit cheaper on the research points, because right now it costs about 150+ research points to get to. Maybe make it 80-90 instead so it could be feasable.

No Greeno’s are designed to be disconnected from the queen mother just look to real life if you grow a wolf from a puppy, they will look to you as a giver. Same should apply here you can provide for them they need you and on top of that Greeno’s are genetically different from normal Xenos as do to the fact they were altered to be disconnected from QM. The whole point of Greeno’s is to give research a goal to get and to end the round if it gets too long. No matter which way you look at it there needs to be more rules about them. Also, someone brought this to my attention another way to fix this is making betraying like mutiny’s make it, so they have to have a valid reason to betray, and they require permission to do said betray.

are they libertarians, then?


I want to just make sure we’re clear on this.

You are comparing wolves, a wild animal that we otherwise understand, who will STILL sometimes attack their caretakers and handlers because domestication is on a genetic level for docility and other desirable traits.

As an argument that the giant, man sized, flesh eating, rapidly mutating, eusocial alien bioweapon capable of TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION should behave in a docile manner towards their breeders? And even then, there’s an argument to say ROLEPLAY HARDEr.

Roleplay like their caretakers and maybe they will be more compelled to side with you.


Nope, they are a third faction that enters a round with no former relathions to any of the already exiting partys.

If the neutral party thing is hard to get think of greenos like mercenarys. They wont do shit for you if you talk to them as if you own them. They do shit for you if you pay them, and if your enemy pays better they figth for them against you. Very easy. Third, neutral faction.

Neutral doesnt mean pacifist, neutral means “relathions not set as of yet.” to say it fancy.

Theres multiple ways greenos go, and its mostly based on the RP that both research and command does.

Example, if research wants to RP with greenos with no deployment, you either get greenos who want to claw their face off, or someone who likes the RP.

If the CO comes in with an ultimatum front and center, you either get lap dogs, or xenoes who will take any chance at beheading said CO.

Its litterary all about your level of RP, and how much you can exude it. I litterary once had the patience for a researcher to make more greenos, but he left me alone for fucking 30 minutes, to which i started busting out just to gib said researcher.

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I don’t think we should arbitrarily limit things like this. It should remain a potential threat to make greenos a risk/reward tradeoff. Greeno betrayals keep things interesting with more involved gameplay and fun stories instead of “you HAVE to be friends”.

I think a less arbitrary solution would be something like remote bomb collars. Even if they’re removable by xenos themselves the way cuffs are for people, it provides at least some additional security and if xenos betray you might be able to kill a few of them outright with the collars to help even things out, but without just ending the greeno threat without fuss.

Understandably that also runs the risk of not being very fun as a greeno if the CO or CMP or something freaks out about a runner taking its collar off and blows the rest of the xenos up “just to be safe”. So I don’t think it’s really ideal but it’s a better option than forcing greenos to be friendly imo.

Not sure we even have to do anything about greenos at all. I haven’t felt like it’s a major issue, everyone knows at this point greenos = betrayal about 9/10 times anyway and as much as marines complain we also love shooting aliens even when they’re green.

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Lots of people do they betray anyway because they just feel like it. As I said there needs to be guidelines.

Welcome to SS13. People will do things just because they feel like it, sometimes (Often) to your detriment.


Yeah that’s what xenos do. Very unpredictable, and possibly intelligent creatures. They prey on humans as hosts. They have zero empathy or even sympathy towards the human hosts, they are just using them to better their own goals. If they want to fight the humans, they have free will to do so, and it’d be determined on the queen’s temperament.

IMO they are immensely prideful creatures, and would very often betray the talls without a ridiculously one-sided agreement (benefitting the xenos). You could never permanently ally with them since they don’t care for the talls, and see talls as lesser.

Another way to see it is that they are just dangerous creatures who work mostly on instinct… but I don’t really agree (at least with the queen).


Regardless of the “shall benos be able to betray” discussion, I think greeno queen should still be timelocked to atleast having unlocked normal queen, as “eh, I’m funny queen now, lemme just afk for five minutes to check the wiki and then spam looc asking how to infect people” isn’t really needed.


I would be in love if a researcher acted like a doting mother to her bioweapon spawn, but usually I just see people rabidly ask for the parts to make greenos, then just do so. It sometimes strikes me as almost meta to be honest. It isnt, but it has that kind of win more mindset I am unable to articulate as a whole.

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This is a little hard to implement, because what if whoever gets the first greeno larva doesn’t have regular Queen unlocked. What if they can only produce one larva initially.

If you make exceptions where the first greeno larva is timelocked to a ghost with regular Queen unlocked, you start creating a lot of bloat and spaghetti code.

I agree with the sentiment overall though.


That is an easy fix make it so normal Xeno and Greeno’s queue is different and the Greeno’s one has to have you to at least have queen

Greenos should use the alt-xeno sprites. It would help better emphasize their difference in roleplay mechanics.