Grootalive - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - mistermoon

Grootalive - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - mistermoon

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Zack Rush

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Behavior involving Misconduct

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(This is what happened to start to finish)

Hey I was the researcher, I wanted into the ordnance workshop, so I asked someone to open it, since at the time there was no Ordnance engineer’s at the time to get sliver at the time, so CMO let me in and brought me to Ordnance workshop storage, and then CMO called a MP to open a locker since CMO does not got access to Ordnance lockers and MP’s do, So the MP opened it, and I grabbed the sliver but took one sliver since I needed it for a chemical, and I told them that I was done, so I want back to research and my thing, then I want to the autolath and noticed we did not got any metal, “So I decided to and take ordnance workshop metal since I thought they did not need it” (That is what I said in my hand and thought) so I went to go back to the ordnance workshop again to take the metal, and since the MP’s left the window open, I went thru there, so I went in and grabbed all the metal, and someone on the radio did say they can get more, by asking req or where ever, since I did say I took all of ordnance workshop metal, so then after I got the metal I want back to research and only I only put some of the metal in the autolath, since I wanted to help me fellow researchers make things, so I set the metal on the ground since I got carried away doing something else then I get admin bwoinked, saying (I am guessing on this part, since I did not a take a picture) “Hey, did you take the metal from the ordnance workshop?” and I replayed “I took all of it” (since I was not thinking of much just doing my own thing on making chemicals that what the paper told me to do) Then I replayed again “I’m sorry I will fix this” (From me bring back the metal to OT workshop which only had about 36 in it, I got hit with a warn, but nothing showed up for it)

The warn was for this as follows- "Warned for Rule 4 - Took metal from the OT workshop as a researcher "

I then made ahelp and asked this “Hey So about that note on rule 4 that I got, how is that considered griefing when I just took metal then forgot take it back, because I got sidetracked?”

How is this griefing? When I got sidetracked and completely forgot to bring it back, I was not harming anyone, nor was I ruining anyone RP experience, I was being helpful for my other co-workers (Other marines)


Mostly in the logs


One of the MPs from this round. I was Koki. I noticed that the CMO and the Rsr went into the OT shop and called it out, but all they took was some silver sheets to make a chem that was actually the centre part of a big RP chunk during that round (Royce boarding to take a bioweapon chem). There were no OTs.

When there WAS an OT, they intentionally detonated themselves and then went DNR.
EDIT: nvm, cobra is just new. I thought it was intentional because of the instant DNR.


I was the OT that round. I can confirm that it was late (~1:20 minutes) into the round before I came in. Both of my lockers had been opened.

I also wanted to say I didn’t intentionally blow myself up, I’m just not very good at being OT, and I went DNR since I had blown up most of my regent tanks on accident.


The removal of metals from the OT workshop without permission from an OT there is typically not allowed for good reason, many MTs in the past have been noted for taking metal from the workshop as it is needed for OT function.

The note was issued because I needed to step in as a staff member, which is protocol.

There are also plenty of other methods of getting metal, such as req, looting barrels from maintenance, deconstructing unneeded items, etc, the fact that you yourself can’t access the locker is reason for you to not have it. The same situation is such for engineering metal and that it has a designated purpose and shouldn’t be taken by parties that don’t have access to it.

MrMoon is correct that taking all the resources from OT Workshop without definitive need is generally considered either griefing or LRP. While I can understand the confusion given there were no OTs for a lengthy period of time, if you need resources and it’s not an emergency you should ideally be going to Requisitions or sourcing it from somewhere that will not impact the ability of other roles to function.

Resolved, no action taken.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs