grssh0le - Player Report: Molly (synth character), ule 1 as well as either 'Synthvivor rules' rule 2 (and thusly 1) or general rule 6 of synthetic programming and rules

grssh0le - Player Report: Molly (synth character), General rule 1 as well as either ‘Synthvivor rules’ rule 2 (and thusly 1) or general rule 6 of synthetic programming and rules [referenced whitelist roles here: Synthetic Programming and Guidelines]

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Axel Stern

Accused BYOND key:

Quickload (I think, cross referenced from Whitelists - CM-SS13 - Wiki)

Accused character name:

Molly (synth character)

What rule(s) were broken?:

General rule 1 as well as either ‘Synthvivor rules’ rule 2 (and thusly 1) or general rule 6 of synthetic programming and rules [referenced whitelist roles here: Synthetic Programming and Guidelines]

Description of the incident:

This character was a survivor synth character.

I couldn’t really understand what was really going down between the queen and the WY synth Molly as I had joined late, but what I could tell the character seemingly actively went out of their way to enter the hive and then regularly interacted directly to the queen, not leaving her side for the most part, and from what I garnered take direct orders from, meaning they in some form or another joined the Xeno faction as the queen designated her not to be attacked and considered her ‘merely just a tool’, which comes off as the synth Molly actively factioning with the xenos breaking ‘synthvivor’ rule 2, and if argued not, she was actively putting herself into harms way by associating herself so closely with the hive despite considering them a hostile faction, breaking aforementioned general rule 6.

and to be a bit more petty, the synth did rp taking a phone pack from a captured SO in the hive without asking him if she could take it breaking rule 1.


I apologize I didn’t take pictures of Molly in the hive, however staff member Biolock was there when I reported it to him and told me to just create a post to the player report area on the forum considering that i am banned from the CM discord and unable to report directly to whitelist counselors. Chat logs most likely should be enough hopefully.

Added report:synth

I was a xenomorph player during this round, first as a Crusher then later a Warrior. Early on before the marines arrived we found Molly in admin, we were told to leave them alone by the Queen, which we did, I only saw them meandering around admin during the inital first contact with Marines.

Later on I saw them in the hive, all I saw was them moving dead bodies around or building hand-rails.

I didn’t pay too much attention to them, but from what I saw they were only meandering around or doing nothing of any significance to aid us.

Removed report:pendinglogs

Do you know at all why they were moving bodies and such? Cause that whole thing confused me.

So this is pretty much firmly in the “educational experience” category. Nothing that is specified in the report is actually a rule break, so we did a check on logs just in case you didn’t mention something that was an issue especially since general rule 1 was cited even though you didn’t provide any specific examples. No 18+ content was perpetrated by the synthetic in question, taking items off marines is not generally considered to be a sexual act unless someone is contextualizing it inappropriately. With regard to synthetic rules, in order you have listed, rule 2 harming marines very much did not occur as Molly petitioned the queen to be allowed to help care for the marines’ pain. No attack logs were present, nor were any overdoses or medical malpractice incidents found. Generally speaking in a situation like this that’s going above and beyond to help marines due to the personality of the character. Synthetic rule 1 “ask before you take” only applies to A: ship synthetics and B: items which are considered highly restricted in number, e.g. the commander tablet, surgical trays, PACMAN generators, things like that. Furthermore, once a marine is dead or otherwise triaged black/grey, you can take whatever you might need. As a survivor synthetic, Molly was free to steal whatever she wanted from Almayer or its crew so long as she didn’t cause a significant negative impact on the round. Taking a radio backpack off a captured marine is only a difference in moments between being a dead marine, and it’s not a limited item either. Rule 6 self preservation is a matter of finesse. Molly had spawned in a nightmare spawn, and the survivors were killed or captured alone. Being that she had not had hostile contact with the xenos, the preservation tactic she elected to pursue was non-violent neutrality and study, making notes on the xenos throughout the round. Additionally on first contact with marines they shot at her, which prompted the xenos to invite her to shelter with them per the Queen’s order. Throughout the round she negotiated and consulted the Queen to make sure she didn’t offend her and turn her hostile when performing tasks and duties that fit her personality and chosen goals she was RP’ing. It is simple logic that avoiding a fight entirely with xenos, even inside their hive, is a superior method for self preservation than fighting the entire hive alone and dying. There seems to also be some confusion regarding what constitutes neutrality for synthetic survivors. Actions that are forbidden as “aiding the xenos” are things like reviving marines so they can be infested, healing captured marines to ensure they burst instead of going perm, opening barricades so xenos can get through without having to destroy defenses, essentially active actions to subdue marines, secure captures and bypass marine defenses are forbidden. Taking a radio and role playing with ship crew is not allying with xenos, especially since the marines had been hostile to Molly on initial contact she had every right to react to marines in kind on her own without any kind of xeno allegiance.

tl;dr what you had reported are not actually rule breaks, for the sake of being thorough and because of the seriousness of a general rule 1 violation accusation a full round dialogue and action check was done on Molly, no issues were found.

Added report:denied

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