Hahaomg - Job/Role Ban Appeal

Hahaomg - Job/Role Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?


Character Name?

Kawrl McClark

Type of Ban?

Job/Role Ban

What is your Bancode?


Admin who banned you?


Total Ban Duration

3 Hour ban. Permanent Job Ban

Remaining Duration

1.5 Hours. Permanent Job Ban

What other servers do you play on?

Only play CM13 for the past few years now. Used to play Goon, Paradise, and many Fallout servers.

Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?

Not that I know/remember of.

Do you play using a Virtual Machine?


is your copy of Windows legitimate?


Reason for Ban:

Rule 4: No Griefing | As the Corporate Liason, recruited a marine to murder and dispose of an MP. It was roleplayed well, but it’s still self-antagging.

Links to previous appeals:


Your appeal:

I’ve been playing on CM13, with occasional breaks, for several years now. Recently, I’ve discovered the role of the Corporate Liaison and its tremendous roleplay potential. While I’ve enjoyed being robust in various roles, being the Corporate Liaison ignited a spark within me. I am able to introduce heavy roleplay scenarios and elements on my own. An example would be 1 hour ago, where I rolled as the liaison (I do not know the round ID) and was eventually banned for 3 hours followed by a job banned. Here is what happened.

At the start the of round, I have decided to recruit PMCs from the ranks of the USCM to further solidify Weyland Yutani’s influence over USS Alamyer. However, I encountered resistance from the current major and a few marines, and I was unsure why the relations between the marines of USS Alamyer and Weyland Yutani were strained. This was an issue.

Naturally, I immediately prepared various documents, including NDAs, Affidavit of Intents to Preserve, Affidavit of Liability, for the command staff to sign. These documents were meant to gauge their willingness to collaborate with me rather than work against me. Unfortunately, the Major declined to sign any papers, and the rest of the command staff ignored my efforts. This was bad. Co-operation between Weyland Yutani and the USS Alamyer was needed to further our research endeavors.

Luckily, my salesmanship proved to be too strong and many marines wished to join the cause. The enticing package of a 1000-credit signing bonus and promises of land (which they would likely never receive), was too appealing to resist. Soon, I had established connections in every department, from engineering to the intel team. I began delegating missions to PMC teams, such as retrieving an egg or an infected monkey, monitoring the combat correspondent suspected of possessing “classified” information, a research team updating me on every chemical they discover, and a team to update me on the overall operation. Everything was running smoothly, until a MP barged into my office, insisting on searching EVERYTHING. Of course, I climbed the corporate ladder to become a liaison for my very own ship; I know how to deal with a MP, especially when I am guilty.

In response, I asked, “Am I being detained?” followed by “Do you have a warrant?”

Those two sentences alone mentally decapitated the MP, with him freezing up with anger. He abruptly left after saying something that was so insignificant that it was quickly ignored by everyone in the room. This victory, however, marked the beginning of a new challenge. The MP kept patrolling my hallway, constantly eavesdropping and looking for the slightest infraction. “I can’t have this MP disrupt my operations” I thought to myself. I brought in two PMC operatives, the CMO and an MT. The CMO recently discovered cyanide which I instructed him to incorporate into donuts. The MT would then surgically place these donuts in a way such that the troublesome MP would find and snort it up his pig nose in an instant. This was the mistake. I griefed the MP and broke the server rule. It was not the MT’s fault but my own. I should have cleared it with an ahelp and/or with a fax (which I will do from now). I was too heavily invested with my character and others around it that I broke a server rule.

Of all the roles I’ve played, I found the role of the Corporate Liaison to be the most enjoyable due to its rich roleplay opportunities. I would like another chance to play this role, but this time, I’ll ahelp/fax for permission or alter the roleplay if it approaches a point that may violate any rules.

I hope to hearing from yall soon.


Chaos ensued after the discovery of the dead MP. What happened next is a completely different story. I will keep it as a hostage in exchange for my job ban appeal.

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I was directly involved as one of the CL’s recruited PMCs. I can understand a 3 hour ban for “griefing” but I think permanent jban is overboard. The amount of interaction, roleplay, and general work done by the CL this round was far above and beyond what is done by most.

If there’s prior note history that’s beyond my knowledge I understand. Outside of that I think its a loss to the role if we perma ban someone for what was an overstep born out of a significant effort to provide shipside RP that could have been ahelped. It wasn’t a random incident but something that developed out of the course of the rounds interactions. If we blast someone with a perma ban after what occurred I’m not sure what to expect from folks in the future on trying to be creative. It’s hard playing a roleplay only role especially when it can be entirely reliant on admins responding to faxes.

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I was told to remove this post because the issue was already resolved but I don’t know how. Can anyone help me?


Added appeal:denied and removed appeal:waiting