Hahaomg - Player Report: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain, Rule 2: Roleplay/LRP, Rule 4: No griefing

Hahaomg - Player Report: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain, Rule 2: Roleplay/LRP, Rule 4: No griefing

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Kawrl McClark

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 2: Roleplay/LRP, Rule 4: No griefing

Description of the incident:

In my three years of playing CM13, on and off, I never made the effort to get involved in the forums. However, there was a player who displayed such an extreme level of LRP that I felt compelled to file a player report against them, in order to ensure that future rounds will not be negatively impacted by him.

I will provide a brief backstory of what happened during the round. I, Kawrl McClark, as the CL, was approached by three MTs who proposed a weed (joints, to be specific) business. As someone who always seeks to expand RP opportunities and enable everyone to the best of my ability, I provided them with everything they needed to start the operation. I began recruiting others, such as the entire requisition team, to help distribute the product and kickstart the business.

Then, Simon ‘ghost’ McShain, the CMP, who, to my knowledge, had already been charged with neglect of duty for another reason, entered the kitchen (which was the base of operation) and started arresting the three MTs. In-character, I intended to report this matter to the captain, given the CMP’s prior charges. However, the CMP came to CIC and arrested me. My concern primarily lies with how he conducted himself, the arrests he made, and his subsequent actions, or lack thereof.

Firstly, both players and I had issues with this player as the CMP. He tries to find the slightest infraction to justify an arrest, regardless of the situation or the spirit of the law. In this specific instance, he informed me that I needed to be searched. However, instead of instructing me to comply or actually allow me to comply with the search, he immediately goes hands on and tries to strip off my belongings while I am trying to RP/talk. After he stripped my backpack, I immediately picked it back up. I insisted to let us talk. He immediately stunned and cuffed me for resisting.

After he stripped me naked in CIC, instead of processing me in the brig, he carried me like a tool while he searched my office. He could have process me first or left me at the brig, obtain my ID card, and then search my office, but instead, he prolonged the situation. Moreover, while I attempted to engage in some role-play despite the circumstances, he completely ignored anything I said and spent five minutes searching my office while dragging me along.

Finally, as I was in the brig and going through processing, he continued to disregard me, even after I inquired if he had any evidence of me ‘aiding and abetting contraband.’ I would have appreciated any response, such as ‘you’ll find out when you appeal’ or ‘shut up’ or even a physical attempt to silence me. However, he persisted in ignoring me and providing no answers, whatsoever.

Secondly, after I have been fully booked and processed, I requested an appeal to which the appeal was hastily approved. During the appeal, the CMP continues to ignore the actual appealing process and waste more time (I am not sure if the CMP was asking for information on this radio) to the point where the ASO had to told him to focus on the appealing process. When the CMP was asked what evidence had against me, he says the following:

1stLT Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “As all the MTs had suits and he attempted to get close to a MT while I was searching when I told him to back up.”
1stLT Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “I was told that he (CL) was running it.”
1stLT Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “He (CL) was the head.”
1stLT Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “A MP.” (a “MP” told him)
1stLT Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “It shows that they were with him in this as if they had stolen them he would have been yelling and screaming for us to arrest them.”

To which the appealing officer replies, “An MT can’t just acquire a suit from the CL?”

For 1stLT Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain to say, “They can.”
1stLT Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “But why would he hand them out.”

The “evidence”, according to him, was that because I gave the three MTs my spare suits, I was the head of the weed operation, because “why would I hand them out”. I didn’t have time to try and resolve this issue IC and ahelps due to the round ending.

Overall, I would like hear from yall, whether I am wrong to report this player or not. The player does not have the ability to roleplay as the CMP at all, he does not investigate whether a charge has basis or not, he does not care if the charge is frivolous or not, and matter of fact, he simply does not care at all. Him being the CMP will lead to a lot of provost faxes against him, bad experiences for players who has to deal with him (might discourage new and old players from coming back), and does not, in my opinion, hold the standard of RP as the CMP. The purpose of being a CMP is to oversee the MP department, and help reduce the workload of admins, not create more problems. What do yall think?


I have the whole entire situation recorded. If you would like the entire interaction between myself and this player, or certain snippets, I can provide it to you upon request. It will just take way longer.

Both of these clips are sped up to x2 to save file size.

Evidence 1: Dragging me along like a tool. https://streamable.com/t296wh

Evidence 2: Poor explanation of evidence. https://streamable.com/7cc632
P.S. I am not sure what that officer was talking about at the end of this clip.


i think i was the CC that round and he tried to arrest me on the grounds of sedition and aiding and abetting all because he overheard me ask the captain what he new about a CLF agent on the ship. i refused to talk to him and thats when he had me arrested


First logpull, let me know if I missed something. Expand the arrow down below to see everything.

  • CMP Disposes of contraband, subsequently arrested.

[2023-10-23 23:33:09.822] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Also. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:33:16.284] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: I was disposing of contraband. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:13:21.911] SAY: Lukas Seltz [1]: MW has brought Evidence to me that he has destroyed evidence (JOB: Executive Officer)
[2023-10-23 23:12:55.256] SAY: Lukas Seltz [1]: CO I am informing you that the CMP is under arrest for NOD (JOB: Executive Officer)
[2023-10-23 23:14:03.891] SAY: Mason Spike [1]: …We have been authorized by the Captain to arrest you on the charges of Neglect of Duty. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:16:43.857] SAY: Arthur Starkie [1]: For Neglect of Duty for the destruction of evidence (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-23 23:19:51.755] ADMIN: (Arthur Starkie) jailed Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain for Neglect of duty.

  • CMP Moves to search REQ for more contraband after sentance.

[2023-10-23 23:36:25.491] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Wait let me pick up the paper. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:36:37.836] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: I want to see the full of it. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:36:55.197] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Ok the oringal. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:36:59.309] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Let me see it. (JOB: Chief MP)

[2023-10-23 23:41:42.394] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Req]: Sector sweep comenceing. final sweep. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:42:23.812] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Side room-clean. (JOB: Chief MP)

  • CMP learns about the CL’s operation.

[2023-10-23 23:48:24.152] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [MP]: CMP? Sir? (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:48:34.323] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: What? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:48:48.675] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [MP]: I had an report from Isolade Yeong that the CL has started a weed growing operation. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:49:09.046] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [MP]: Apparently the CL tried to hire her as a smuggler, even gave me the actual goods that she needed to deal around. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:49:15.180] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Copy. who is yeong? like rank and job. and can somone get viscon on CL office? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:49:25.328] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [MP]: Lance Corporal. I think nurse. (JOB: Military Police)

  • CMP searches research, then moves to the kitchen.

[2023-10-23 23:49:33.316] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Investigating research sector. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:49:39.966] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [MP]: Also, the grow op is happening in the kitchens botany. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:49:42.530] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [MP]: Or so I was told. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:49:53.953] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [MP]: Waiting for you near the kitchen, sir. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:49:57.014] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: 10-4 hold for advanced directive. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:50:04.365] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Looking for somthing. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:50:20.368] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Research sector clear. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:50:29.204] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Moving. (JOB: Chief MP)

  • CMP enters the kitchen, Initial questioning begins.

[2023-10-23 23:50:29.266] SAY: Kawrl McClark [WY]: Ima see if i can convince the CMP to join the cause. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:50:33.883] SAY: Kawrl McClark [Command]: CMP Where yo uat. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:50:45.069] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Got a mo- (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:50:46.969] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Hold at kitchen. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:50:47.718] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Got a second? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:50:55.562] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Station at the doors. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:51:02.171] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Whats the problem? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:51:02.502] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Make sure the CL stays here. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:51:06.947] SAY: Rowan McCain [MP]: I can see two MTs in kitchen botany. (: ) (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:51:11.448] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: MPTDU investigaing sector. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:51:14.286] SAY: Rowan McCain [MP]: And a huge pile of Ambrosia Vulgaris. (: ) (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:51:16.915] SAY: Kawrl McClark [WY]: FEDS. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:51:19.030] SAY: Kawrl McClark [WY]: FEDS BREKAING IN. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:51:31.197] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Uh, sir. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:51:34.580] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: I have the bag here by the way. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:51:40.461] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [MP]: You better not arrest the chef, i was about to order a salad! i’m hungry. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-23 23:51:42.447] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Can i help you? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:51:43.396] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Ambrosia is fine right? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:51:47.107] EMOTE: Kawrl McClark/ : yawns.
[2023-10-23 23:51:50.274] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: I need to speak with you CMP. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:51:52.935] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: If you got a moment. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:52:09.940] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: MST. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:52:16.201] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Did you let the MTs and CL in here? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:52:24.683] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: SEA. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:52:29.033] SAY: Rowan McCain [MP]: Ambrosia Vulgaris is processed into an alternate form of Marijuana, or at least mimics the effects when smoked. (: ) (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:52:33.741] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Ambrosia is fine right? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:52:39.115] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Yeah its legal. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:52:39.845] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Are you tripping? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:52:51.940] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Um. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:52:54.492] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: SEA. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:52:56.443] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Tell me. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:53:00.324] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Ambrosia is fine right? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:53:04.312] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: I think the SEA is a bit zonked. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:53:15.465] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Blink twice if you are high. (JOB: Chief MP)

  • CL argues the operation is legal, MT’s book it.

[2023-10-23 23:53:34.956] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: CMP. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:53:38.899] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Yo. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:53:38.995] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: You do realise. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:53:39.992] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Halt. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:53:40.244] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Its legal. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:53:42.606] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Didn’t help that each cigarette was labeled with big letters as “WEED” (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:53:49.277] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Code 2 garden. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:53:51.893] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Drop the bags. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:53:55.456] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Show me what is in them. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:53:57.231] SAY: Rowan McCain [MP]: They’re also growing liberty cap, a hallucinogenic mushroom. (: ) (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:53:58.226] SAY: Arthur Starkie [MP]: What is a code 2?! (: ) (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-23 23:54:01.050] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: WAIIII. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:54:02.357] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Drop the bags. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:54:02.470] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: WAAAAIT. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:54:04.052] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: First of all. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:54:06.526] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Man (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:54:08.283] SAY: Rowan McCain [MP]: Non emergency response. (: ) (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:54:09.487] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Assistance needed. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:54:09.597] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Are they being DETAINED. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:54:16.451] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: HEY. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:54:17.524] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Yes? (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:54:19.546] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: THEY DONT CONSENT TO A SEARCH! (JOB: Corporate Liaison)

  • More Arguments

[2023-10-23 23:54:32.295] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Dont make me file another complaint. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:54:47.760] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Hold. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:54:49.871] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: WHERE. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:54:51.143] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Uh. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:54:51.336] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: ARE. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:54:52.707] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: YOU. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:54:53.093] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Right (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:54:54.034] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: SEA. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:54:54.954] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: GOING. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:54:55.057] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Nice suit (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:54:57.080] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: They are green. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:54:59.334] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Not yellow. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:55:05.980] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Sorry for bolting (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:55:11.243] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: I GUESS (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:55:14.216] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: WE ARE GOIN ROUND AND ROUND (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:55:15.138] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Drop the bags. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:55:19.101] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: SEA. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:55:20.304] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: now that is a order. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:55:22.069] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: What the MPs are doing. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:55:28.118] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Is criminal. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:55:31.220] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Ambrosia is legal. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:55:32.262] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: THE SATCHAL. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:55:33.219] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: NOW. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:55:33.910] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Hes harasssing. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:55:36.683] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Our crew. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:55:38.397] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: I was ordered to be here. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:55:38.875] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Under WHAT CHARGE? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:55:40.487] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: DO IT. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:55:45.558] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: What is he INVESTIGATING FOR. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:55:47.485] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: GROWING PLANTS? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:55:49.283] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: THATS LEGAL. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:55:51.363] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Contraband (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:55:52.340] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: I reckon (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:55:55.478] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: CONTRABAND? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:55:56.768] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: For what. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:55:58.812] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: DO IT NOW OR YOU WILL BE ARRESTED FOR INSUBAORD. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:55:58.952] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: AMBROSIA? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:56:02.917] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: WHICH IS NOT CONTRABAND? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:56:04.020] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: No, I think hallucigens? (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:56:05.251] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Or weed? (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:56:09.858] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: He said something along those lines (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:56:21.912] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Drop em and search block the other two. (JOB: Chief MP)

  • CMP calls for the two MT’s that ran away to be marked.

[2023-10-23 23:56:32.525] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Ok one is on the run. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:56:35.124] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Two. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:56:45.247] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Marking both get em and search. (JOB: Chief MP)

  • Further discussions in the kitchen.

[2023-10-23 23:57:07.684] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: SEA. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:08.704] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: The hlel. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:08.750] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Sorry suit man (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:57:09.968] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Bring em to kitchen. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:57:11.107] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: You know they are legal. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:12.604] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Whos paying you. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:16.012] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: WHOS PAYING YOU. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:17.407] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Ok so. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:57:18.248] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: That’s so rude by the way (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:57:18.791] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: EMIIX. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:25.058] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Ambrosia is LEGAL. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:25.680] SAY: Rowan McCain [MP]: They assaulted Lance Corporal Gilbert. (: ) (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:57:28.899] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: I can grow em myself. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:28.996] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: CL you stay right the fuck there. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:57:31.427] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: In my office. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:33.538] SAY: Rowan McCain [1]: Taser. (: ) (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:57:36.480] SAY: Kawrl McClark [Command]: CAPTAIN. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:36.616] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Good call (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:57:40.060] SAY: Kawrl McClark [Command]: I NEED YOU AT THE KITCHEHN NOW. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:41.444] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Ok charge them later but bring them to kitchen garden. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:57:43.512] SAY: Arthur Starkie [MP]: Status of Gilbert?! (: ) (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-23 23:57:43.694] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Getting them to brig (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:57:51.151] SAY: Rowan McCain [MP]: He’s fine. (: ) (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:57:51.819] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Yes sir? (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:57:52.056] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: No. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:57:52.562] SAY: Kawrl McClark [Command]: CAPTAIN TO KITCHEN. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:53.999] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: We search. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:57:54.939] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: I dont fucking know. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:57:57.663] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: We can search at brig (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:57:58.372] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Drop em and search. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:57:59.959] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: They assaulted me (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:58:03.097] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: SEA. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:58:06.407] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Witness this search. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:58:09.805] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: CL. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:58:10.132] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Right (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:58:10.284] SAY: Arthur Starkie [MP]: And bring detainees to the brig. All else is a violation of procedure. (: ) (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-23 23:58:11.297] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Get back. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:58:14.146] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: CMP. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:58:19.159] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: I SAID GET BACK. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:58:19.349] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: I will be talking with the captain. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:58:20.957] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Regarding- (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:58:21.481] SAY: Arthur Starkie [MP]: Unless they are not to be arrested, sir? (: ) (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-23 23:58:21.760] SAY: Rowan McCain [1]: I should point out they’re using alternate comms. (: ) (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:58:22.310] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: HEY. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:58:30.665] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Check em (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:58:33.205] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Got my hand full (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:58:36.389] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Ohhh. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:58:36.846] SAY: Kawrl McClark [WY]: WE GOT A RAT. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:58:39.452] SAY: Kawrl McClark [WY]: WE GOT A FUCKING RAT. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:58:50.591] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Weyland unathi comms (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:58:55.857] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: CL seems to have aided. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:59:00.331] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: CAPTAIN. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:59:02.840] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: The CMP. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:59:07.010] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Is harasssing people again. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:59:07.302] SAY: Rowan McCain [1]: Unusual amount of cash. (: ) (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:59:19.119] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Alright (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:59:19.667] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Captain? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:59:19.738] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Another one johan eliza search them when you can. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:59:20.435] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Uh (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:59:22.054] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Sir? (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:59:26.663] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Can I move this man to brig now? (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:59:27.067] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Ok. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:59:33.609] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Yes. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:59:35.268] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Book these two for contraband and resisting arrest. (JOB: Chief MP)

  • CL Heads to the CiC to fax paperwork.

[2023-10-23 23:59:37.144] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: The CMP. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:59:39.397] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Yes, sir. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:59:40.790] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Is literally. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:59:41.629] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Book the CL for aiding contraband. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:59:42.640] SAY: Rowan McCain [1]: And assault. (: ) (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:59:44.535] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Arresting the entire MT staff. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:59:45.111] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Yep. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:59:47.373] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Takuing the evidence (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-23 23:59:48.350] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Because they were growing ambrosia. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:59:49.838] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: I will deal with CL. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-23 23:59:50.746] SAY: Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun [1]: CL did nothing, that’s an illegal charge. CMP. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2023-10-23 23:59:51.292] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: WHICH IS LEGAL. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-23 23:59:54.674] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: There is another MT. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:00:05.278] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: There is another MT marked suspect. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:00:07.532] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Search them. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:00:10.509] SAY: Kawrl McClark [Command]: MAJOR. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:00:12.287] SAY: Kawrl McClark [Command]: ARE YOU BUSY? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:00:15.303] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Going to CL office. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:00:16.489] SAY: Kawrl McClark [Command]: THE CMP IS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:00:21.364] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Captain. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:00:23.720] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Are you too busy? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:00:27.872] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Do i need to fax the provost? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:00:28.739] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Yeah. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:00:30.505] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Drugs. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:00:49.055] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Location of CL? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:00:55.809] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Hello warden (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-24 00:00:59.756] SAY: Filbert Gilbert [1]: Both searched (JOB: Military Police)

*CMP advises the CL that he will be searched.

[2023-10-24 00:01:49.047] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: CL. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:01:50.944] ADMIN: PAPER: (Kawrl McClark) tried to write something. First 100 characters: 5:30, [date]
[2023-10-24 00:01:53.161] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: You are to be searched. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:01:56.177] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Do not resist. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:02:01.288] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Under what suspicion. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:05.281] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: I will move you to a location. (JOB: Chief MP)

  • CL is confronted in the CiC by the CMP, CMP states there will be a search.

[2023-10-24 00:02:09.872] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: No. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:12.521] SAY: Lukas Seltz [1]: No CMP (JOB: Executive Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:02:13.020] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Suspiscon of aiding contraband. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:02:13.120] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: I will remain here. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:16.033] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: In the s ight of the captain. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:19.090] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Ok. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:02:21.184] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: First off. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:23.036] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Then you are being searched. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:02:24.973] ATTACK: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) grabbed (Kawrl McClark) in the Combat Information Center (102,151,3).

  • Search begins.

[2023-10-24 00:02:25.624] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: FIRST OF. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:29.740] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Captain. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:30.505] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Watch this. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:31.316] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s USCM Radio Telephone Pack (back).
[2023-10-24 00:02:33.291] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s USCM Radio Telephone Pack (back) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:02:35.172] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: HEY. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:36.773] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: LET ME TALK FIRST. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:40.200] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: First off. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:41.290] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: You have resistited. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:02:41.430] SAY: Arthur Starkie [MP]: Chief, exact charges on the Calhoun and MacMillen? (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-24 00:02:42.588] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Before you harass me. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:46.742] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: REALLY? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:48.692] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Sending hammer and droping. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:02:50.578] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: YOU ARE REALLY REACHING. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:51.062] EMOTE: Kawrl McClark : cries out in pain!
[2023-10-24 00:02:51.064] ATTACK: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) stunned (Kawrl McClark) with the the stunbaton in the Combat Information Center (102,151,3).
[2023-10-24 00:02:52.342] ATTACK: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) stunned (Kawrl McClark) with the the stunbaton in the Combat Information Center (102,151,3).
[2023-10-24 00:02:53.466] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: FOR RESISINg. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:02:53.562] ATTACK: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) stunned (Kawrl McClark) with the the stunbaton in the Combat Information Center (102,151,3).
[2023-10-24 00:02:55.718] ATTACK: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) attempted to handcuff (Kawrl McClark) in the Combat Information Center (102,151,3).

  • Search concludes.

[2023-10-24 00:02:57.452] SAY: Arthur Starkie [MP]: What? (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-24 00:02:59.160] ATTACK: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) grabbed (Kawrl McClark) in the Combat Information Center (102,151,3).
[2023-10-24 00:03:03.302] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: CL droped. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:03:07.031] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Resisted search. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:03:07.922] ADMIN: (Kawrl McClark) stuttered while saying: “CAPTAIN”
[2023-10-24 00:03:07.924] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: C------------------ (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:03:09.722] SAY: Lukas Seltz [1]: CMp (JOB: Executive Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:03:11.649] ADMIN: (Kawrl McClark) stuttered while saying: “CAPTAIN”
[2023-10-24 00:03:11.652] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: C-CAPTAIN. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:03:13.152] ADMIN: (Kawrl McClark) stuttered while saying: “DID YOU SEE THAT”
[2023-10-24 00:03:13.155] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: DID Y-Y-YOU SEE TH-THAT. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:03:15.163] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Continuing search. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:03:16.991] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s USCM Radio Telephone Pack (back).
[2023-10-24 00:03:18.944] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s USCM Radio Telephone Pack (back) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:03:19.791] ADMIN: (Kawrl McClark) stuttered while saying: “WHILE I WAS TRYING TO SEARCH”
[2023-10-24 00:03:19.794] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: WHILE I WAS T-TRYING T-T-TO SEARCH. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:03:22.597] ADMIN: (Kawrl McClark) stuttered while saying: “I MEAN TRYING TO TALK”
[2023-10-24 00:03:22.601] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: I-I M-MEAN T-T-TRYING TO TALK. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:03:28.136] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: HE IMMEDIATELY TRIED TO STRIP ME. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:03:28.350] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s paper (head).
[2023-10-24 00:03:29.547] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s G8-A general utility pouch (belt).
[2023-10-24 00:03:30.306] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s paper (head) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:03:31.533] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s G8-A general utility pouch (belt) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:03:32.902] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: THEN WHEN I GOT MY BACKPACK BACK. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:03:36.499] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: HE SAID IM RESISTING. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:03:43.462] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s large general pouch (l_store).
[2023-10-24 00:03:44.277] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s first-aid pouch (r_store).
[2023-10-24 00:03:45.450] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s large general pouch (l_store) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:03:46.288] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s first-aid pouch (r_store) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:03:53.339] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s liaison’s navy suit (w_uniform).
[2023-10-24 00:03:55.324] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s liaison’s navy suit (w_uniform) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:03:58.043] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Have to get that holster. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:04:09.269] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Yeah. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:04:11.463] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Your ganna strip me naked. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:04:12.356] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Are you. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:04:18.423] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Wow. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:04:22.467] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Nade on green. (JOB: Chief MP)

  • Argument ensues.

[2023-10-24 00:04:24.775] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: Well, sadly, they have to conduct the search. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-24 00:04:32.605] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: So technically, they have to strip you. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-24 00:04:42.763] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: SEA. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:04:45.187] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Its how he did it. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:04:46.751] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Annoys me. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:04:52.914] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: He immediately said i was resisting. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:04:53.367] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: I mean, to be fair. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-24 00:04:55.262] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: And then immediately. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:04:56.660] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Went for cuffs. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:04:59.411] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: You ran out of the kitchen. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-24 00:05:02.462] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Thats a fucking present. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:05:07.071] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: When asked to be searched. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-24 00:05:08.527] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: I ran out of the kitchen? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:05:10.021] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: False. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:05:13.569] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: He never said i was to be searched. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)

  • CMP states he will now be searching the CL’s office.

[2023-10-24 00:05:14.114] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Secure that. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:05:18.096] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: So refusing or running away when you are being asked for a search. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-24 00:05:21.299] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Nor was i under investigation. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:05:21.428] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: Its technically. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-24 00:05:22.155] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: I am going to now search your office. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:05:23.491] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: He just to get back. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:05:25.386] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: Resisting. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-24 00:05:26.891] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Want the ARES replay? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:05:31.397] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Im sure its got cameras in there. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:05:33.787] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: We can request it. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:05:40.743] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: The CMP never said i was to be searched. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:05:50.122] SAY: Kawrl McClark [Command]: Major i need you shipside. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:05:53.381] SAY: Kawrl McClark [Command]: This CMP is getting out of hand. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)

  • CMP removes CL’s ID.

[2023-10-24 00:05:54.307] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s Kawrl McClark’s ID Card (Corporate Liaison) (id).
[2023-10-24 00:05:56.288] INTERACT: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s Kawrl McClark’s ID Card (Corporate Liaison) (id) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:06:00.870] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Why. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:06:01.035] ATTACK: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) grabbed (Kawrl McClark) in the Combat Information Center (102,152,3).
[2023-10-24 00:06:02.386] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Are you REMOVING. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:06:03.541] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: MY ID. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:06:05.524] ATTACK: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) grabbed (Kawrl McClark) in the Combat Information Center (102,153,3).
[2023-10-24 00:06:10.879] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: CAPTAIN?? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:06:12.193] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: SEA. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:06:13.870] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: ARE YOU GANNA DO ANYTHING. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:06:18.281] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Come and be a wittness to my search. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:06:20.207] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: THE FUCK ARE YOU. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:06:28.895] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: WHERE ARE YOU DRAGGING ME TO. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)

  • Upon arrival at the CL’s office, a break in is noticed.

[2023-10-24 00:06:46.140] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Do not enter. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:06:55.874] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Order. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:06:58.042] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: Oh. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-24 00:07:01.598] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: Someone got in. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)

[2023-10-24 00:07:03.195] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Viscon on prints in CL office. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:07:13.057] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Someone broke into my god damn office. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:07:24.009] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Wow. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:07:25.923] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Who the fuck. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:07:27.100] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Did that. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:07:31.155] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: Somone borred into the office. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:07:37.281] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Give me the name. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)

  • CMP searches the CL’s office, asks for the person who broke into be marked for DTGP upon conclusion.

[2023-10-24 00:07:44.151] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Search these. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:07:44.174] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: Spicy. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-24 00:07:55.775] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Clean? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:07:58.423] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: I’m not an MP, Chief. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-24 00:08:06.827] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: But nothing weird on them. (JOB: Senior Enlisted Advisor)
[2023-10-24 00:08:15.659] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Jesus christ. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:08:16.821] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: The thing is. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:08:19.738] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Hes wasting my time. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:08:21.266] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: For 20 minutes. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:08:23.439] ATTACK: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) grabbed (Kawrl McClark) in the Corporate Liaison Office (156,133,3).
[2023-10-24 00:08:26.485] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: For the provost to appeal. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:08:28.434] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: And release me. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:09:14.817] ATTACK: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) grabbed (Kawrl McClark) in the Corporate Liaison Office (166,137,3).
[2023-10-24 00:09:43.934] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Are you satisfied? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:09:56.705] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Now why am i being arrestd again? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:09:58.539] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: And in these cuffs? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:10:09.480] ATTACK: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) grabbed (Kawrl McClark) in the Corporate Liaison Office (165,133,3).
[2023-10-24 00:10:14.743] ATTACK: (Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain) grabbed (Kawrl McClark) in the Corporate Liaison Office (164,131,3).
[2023-10-24 00:10:27.554] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Are you going to talk to me? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:10:52.905] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Got the prints? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:10:58.804] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: These too. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:11:08.464] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: And some in the back. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:11:35.136] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Mark em and book em for DTGP. (JOB: Chief MP)

  • CL Ahelps for clarity on ambrosia. Forest responds.

[2023-10-24 00:11:43.112] ADMIN: Ticket #6: (Kawrl McClark): got a question, is ambrosia illegal under marine law?
[2023-10-24 00:12:27.389] ADMIN: PM: (Forest)->(Kawrl McClark): It’s not explicitly stated in either direction, but as it’s exclusive purpose is to make weed joints, which are contraband, it can be implied as contraband yes.

  • CMP brings the CL over to the brig, passes him off to the Warden.

[2023-10-24 00:12:02.690] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [MP]: CL office clear, moving to procsess for aiding contraband and resisting arrest. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:12:06.220] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: We good. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:12:59.716] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Aiding contraband and resisting arrest. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:13:03.430] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: First of all. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:13:04.066] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: CMP. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:13:08.741] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: If you will actually talk. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:13:09.661] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Resisted a lawful search. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:13:12.986] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: How did i aid. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:13:16.349] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: CMP. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:13:14.399] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Who? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:13:16.349] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: CMP. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:13:18.184] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: How did I AID. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:13:24.721] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: HELLO? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:13:29.780] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: HOW DO I AID OR ABET. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:13:41.973] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: What do you mean? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:13:52.320] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: My charges are. aiding contraband. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:13:54.473] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: How did I AID. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:13:56.455] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: Anyways who wanted to see me? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:14:01.962] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Okay. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:14:03.428] SAY: Arthur Starkie [1]: MacMillen (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-24 00:14:07.285] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Warden. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:14:08.129] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: This CMP. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:14:10.436] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Is straight ignoring me. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)

  • Warden processes the CL. CL asks for an appeal.

[2023-10-24 00:14:17.933] SAY: Arthur Starkie [1]: CL, yer under arrest for aiding in contraband. you have the right to appeal (JOB: Military Warden)[2023-10-24 00:14:21.086] ATTACK: (Arthur Starkie) grabbed (Kawrl McClark) in the Brig Processing and Holding (54,153,3).
[2023-10-24 00:14:35.965] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Id like a pen and paper. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:14:42.857] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: And to also appeal to the captain. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:14:55.073] SAY: Arthur Starkie [Command]: Captain? Youa re requested for an appeal (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-24 00:14:55.410] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Thanks. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:15:04.787] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s liaison’s navy suit (w_uniform).
[2023-10-24 00:15:05.291] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s G8-A general utility pouch (belt).
[2023-10-24 00:15:05.785] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s laceup shoes (shoes).
[2023-10-24 00:15:06.131] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s paper (head).
[2023-10-24 00:15:06.532] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s WY pen (wear_r_ear).
[2023-10-24 00:15:06.770] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s liaison’s navy suit (w_uniform) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:15:07.767] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s laceup shoes (shoes) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:15:08.117] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s paper (head) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:15:08.337] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s BiMex personal shades (glasses).
[2023-10-24 00:15:08.518] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s WY pen (wear_r_ear) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:15:09.153] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s USCM Radio Telephone Pack (back).
[2023-10-24 00:15:10.356] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s BiMex personal shades (glasses) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:15:11.156] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s USCM Radio Telephone Pack (back) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:15:11.251] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s corporate liaison radio headset (wear_l_ear).
[2023-10-24 00:15:13.210] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s corporate liaison radio headset (wear_l_ear) successfully.

  • ASO offers to handle the appeal.

[2023-10-24 00:15:23.159] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [Command]: I can handle appeals if you’re busy cap. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:15:31.093] SAY: Lukas Seltz [Command]: Do so (JOB: Executive Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:15:42.064] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [Command]: Ight i’ll be at the brig in a sec. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)

  • Chatter between the Warden and CL.

[2023-10-24 00:15:33.698] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Thanks warden. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:15:36.270] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Can you also open yard? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:15:41.285] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Let me know when the captain comes. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:15:41.332] SAY: Arthur Starkie [1]: Obviously (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-24 00:15:44.620] SAY: Arthur Starkie [1]: I am not done yet (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-24 00:15:48.504] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Yeah okay. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:15:49.053] ADMIN: (Arthur Starkie) jailed Kawrl McClark for Aiding and Abetting, Contraband.
[2023-10-24 00:15:52.519] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Can you get theses cuffs. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:15:57.641] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) tried to remove (Kawrl McClark)'s zip cuffs (handcuffs).
[2023-10-24 00:15:59.622] INTERACT: (Arthur Starkie) removed (Kawrl McClark)'s zip cuffs (handcuffs) successfully.
[2023-10-24 00:15:59.792] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Wait. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:16:01.339] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: My shades too. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:16:07.610] SAY: Arthur Starkie [1]: No shades (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-24 00:16:10.604] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Fine. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:16:22.229] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Hold on. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:16:24.880] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: If you serach my things. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:16:27.487] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: There will be a paper. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)

  • ASO arrives for the appeal. CL gives his testamony.

[2023-10-24 00:16:28.037] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: I’m here to handle the appeal. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:16:31.335] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Who is it? (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:16:33.961] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: I was writing a fax. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:16:35.688] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: A complaint form. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:16:37.043] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Got it? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:16:46.401] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Oh hey. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:16:46.425] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Oh hi Kawrl. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:16:47.421] SAY: Arthur Starkie [1]: Aiding to contraband, CMP ordered arrest (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-24 00:16:48.075] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Captain busy? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:16:54.918] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: I just offered. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:16:58.196] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Oh. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:01.266] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Well if you want to hear the story. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:02.447] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Since he’s in tactical command. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:17:09.080] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: And i’m not busy. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:17:10.170] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Of the previous, neglect of duty charged CMP. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:13.734] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Listen to this. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:17.419] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Firstly. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:23.994] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: He charged with aiding contraband. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:27.402] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: His words. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:30.425] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: He WONT explain how. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:33.187] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: And provide any evidence. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:36.023] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: And had ignored me. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:37.703] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: For 20 minutes. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:40.657] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Got it? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:40.708] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Yikes… (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:17:41.871] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: 20 minutes. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:42.965] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Ignored me. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:44.362] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Yup (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:17:45.897] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Not a single reply. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:47.326] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: He just said. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:48.852] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: I am under arrest. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:53.446] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Immediately went for cuffs. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:54.364] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: And stuns. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:17:57.074] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Ignored me for 20 minutes. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:01.450] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Fucking. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:02.841] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Tossed me. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:04.391] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Behind his back. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:08.128] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: While he searched my office. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:09.697] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: For 10 minutes. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:11.048] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Mind you. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:13.465] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: He was LITERALLY. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:13.860] EMOTE: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston : nods.
[2023-10-24 00:18:15.287] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Pulling me. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:21.027] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: While he was searching my office. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:24.335] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: When he couldve just left me at brig. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:25.647] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Process me. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:28.247] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: THEN search my office. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:32.198] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: So he spent about 10 minutes. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:33.937] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Searching my office. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:37.245] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Mind you. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:37.725] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: No warrant? (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:18:38.569] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: IGNORING ME. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:42.460] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Got it? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:44.787] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: And STILL. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:45.170] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Yup (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:18:47.474] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: He has YET. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:48.761] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: To tell me. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:50.294] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: I’m following. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:18:51.444] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: What evidence he has. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:54.176] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Of me aiding. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:56.070] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: SECONDLY. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:18:59.481] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: The resisting arrest. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:19:05.728] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: The SLIGHTEST RESIST. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:19:11.229] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Which was me picking up my backpack. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:19:16.088] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: AFTER he stripped it off me. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:19:18.942] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: While I WAS TALKING. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:19:23.470] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Was his cause of resisting arrest. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:19:26.858] EMOTE: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston : nods.
[2023-10-24 00:19:27.201] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Do you think that sjustified? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:19:31.569] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Anything else? (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:19:36.760] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: No those are the two charges. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:19:39.673] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Alright. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:19:51.003] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Can you tell the CMP what evidence he had against me for aiding? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:19:51.289] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: One moment. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)

  • ASO questions the CMP. ASO approves the CL’s appeal.

[2023-10-24 00:20:04.815] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: CMP, what evidence do you have for the aiding contraband charge? (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:20:34.595] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Look. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:20:38.463] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Hes fucking ignoring you. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:20:40.421] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Wasting our time. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:20:41.515] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: CMP please direct your focus to your present surrounding. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:20:46.444] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Hes not even focusing. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:20:47.663] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: On the appeal. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:21:00.550] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: As all the MTs had suits and he attempted to get close to a MT while I was searched when I told him to back up. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:21:10.025] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: IS THAT. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:21:11.090] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: AIDING? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:21:15.153] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: I GAVE THEM SUITS? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:21:21.136] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Why does an MT having a suit constitute that charge? (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:21:25.461] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Explain reasoning. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:21:26.409] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: And I was told that he was running it. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:21:27.064] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Now. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:21:31.248] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: He was the head. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:21:31.791] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Explain. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:21:31.838] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: By WHO. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:21:34.070] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: No (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:21:35.433] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: A MP. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:21:38.572] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: JESUS CHRIST. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:21:40.366] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: HAHAHAHAHAHA. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:21:47.480] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Explain your reasoning for why suits constitutes the charges presented. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:22:15.677] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: It shows that they were with him in this as if they had stolen them he would have been yelling and screaming for us to arrest them. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:22:31.193] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: An MT can’t just accquire a suit from the CL? (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:22:38.002] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: They can. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:22:41.201] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: I’m very sure a two-piece isn’t a restricted item. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:22:42.758] SAY: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [1]: But why would he hand them out. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-10-24 00:22:56.882] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Maybe he had a deal over fixing the lights in his office. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:22:59.033] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Anyways (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:23:04.763] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Appeal granted. (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:23:07.150] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Warden (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:23:11.829] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Outprocess this man (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)
[2023-10-24 00:23:14.085] ADMIN: (Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston) paused the jail timer of Kawrl McClark, Aiding and Abetting, Contraband.
[2023-10-24 00:23:22.740] SAY: Rowan McCain [1]: Sir, he’s not being released. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-24 00:23:33.588] SAY: Rowan McCain [1]: It doesn’t work like that,. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-24 00:23:45.231] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Warden. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:23:47.034] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: This man. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:23:48.936] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Just sasid. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:23:51.864] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: I cant be released. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:23:58.392] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: After the appeal has been proven. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:24:00.169] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Approved. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:24:00.848] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Sorry. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:24:03.060] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: What the FUCK is going on. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:24:05.573] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: This MP department. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:24:17.204] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Warden, your colleague just said i cant leave. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:24:08.669] SAY: Arthur Starkie [1]: Continue (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-24 00:24:29.583] SAY: Arthur Starkie [1]: And I said continue, CL. Unless you wish to stay here? (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-24 00:24:35.517] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: CL get dressed (JOB: Auxiliary Support Officer)

  • LOOC talks about appeals.

[2023-10-24 00:24:21.971] OOC: (LOCAL) Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston : fuck now you’ve got me doubting marine law
[2023-10-24 00:24:24.689] OOC: (LOCAL) Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston : ughgh
[2023-10-24 00:24:49.769] OOC: (LOCAL) Arthur Starkie : if all charges are appealed, they are released!
[2023-10-24 00:25:01.905] OOC: (LOCAL) Arthur Starkie : if only some are appealed?
[2023-10-24 00:25:06.253] OOC: (LOCAL) Arthur Starkie : THEN they stay
[2023-10-24 00:25:19.570] OOC: (LOCAL) Arthur Starkie : which crimes were commited?
[2023-10-24 00:25:27.684] OOC: (LOCAL) Arthur Starkie : we dont even have evidence!!!
[2023-10-24 00:25:34.017] OOC: (LOCAL) Arthur Starkie : our CMP doenst collect evidence
[2023-10-24 00:25:34.217] OOC: (LOCAL) Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston : the baseless aiding and contraband charges can be dismissed
[2023-10-24 00:25:37.136] OOC: (LOCAL) Rowan McCain/ : Resistance and contraband. Though evidence is at fault of CMP
[2023-10-24 00:25:38.898] OOC: (LOCAL) Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston : as they are baseless.
[2023-10-24 00:25:47.996] OOC: (LOCAL) Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston : that was. not resistance
[2023-10-24 00:25:50.971] OOC: (LOCAL) Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston : at all
[2023-10-24 00:26:10.930] OOC: (LOCAL) Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston : as it’s presented to me it’s been granted.
[2023-10-24 00:26:26.210] OOC: (LOCAL) Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston : you should have piped up then
[2023-10-24 00:26:37.507] OOC: (LOCAL) Arthur Starkie : wait, am I getting ML wrong?!
[2023-10-24 00:26:44.667] OOC: (LOCAL) Arthur Starkie : fucks sake, guess I be reading again
[2023-10-24 00:27:04.182] OOC: (LOCAL) Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston : i swear to god i have to re-read marine law every time i interact with the fucking mp department.

  • CL wants to stay and chat with the arrested MT’s in the brig, he is told to leave by the warden.

[2023-10-24 00:26:08.992] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: I cant stay? (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2023-10-24 00:26:11.234] SAY: Arthur Starkie [1]: No (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-10-24 00:26:12.972] SAY: Kawrl McClark [1]: Fine. (JOB: Corporate Liaison)

  • End of logs, round ends soon hereafter.

Added report:needverdict and removed report:pendinglogs

Hello Hahaomg and others,

Sorry this report has taken so long. After reviewing the evidence of the case I have found that there were very minor wrongdoings by the player in question. For instance, the CMP does tell you that they are conducting a search, but fails to tell you the reason why.

While, your arrest was conducted on questionable evidence, that does not necessarily constitute a rule-break and would be better resolved with in-character consequences such as a demotion or provost. The situation was chaotic and while the CMP’s roleplay could certainly have been higher (i.e. not stripping you to your underwear in the CIC), it is clear that he is making a credible attempt to do his job properly. Minor mistakes are not necessarily something that warrants punitive staff action. This appeal is denied due to a lack of viable staff recourse, however I can understand why this situation was frustrating and hope that, in the future, in-character recourse can prevent situations such as these.

Added report:denied and removed report:needverdict