Hardcore rounds should be optional

We just had a hardcore event(everyone had a hardcore trait, if you die - you become perma immediately)
It was such immersive survival horror gameplay(like actual Aliens movie), so many people enjoyed it.
It was literally one of the best events ever.
I suggest making such rounds optional, like a WO vote(every 20, 5 rounds or even less, whatever people think)


Crap, I posted it not in Ideas channel, sorry

Moved for you. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Agreed on this one, seems very fun, i can see how certain player base may not like it but making it a votable mod will give everyone a chance to choose whether they want a hardcore round or not. I certainly enjoyed it.


Hell, especially after a five-hour Chance’s Claim match, improving both side’s lethality and trying to keep it at Aliens’ run time or lower sounds perfect. I also appreciated how much more it promoted that both sides should strategize more and play as a group, rather than the current phenomenon of a marine murderball pushing into the hive until too many people die for the medics to keep-up with, followed by two hours of 3-10 people pushing at a time.

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Hello, hardcore event was really neat! It was exciting seeing how people reacted to genuine loss from people dying.

At the same time, I’m not super interested in making it a full mode that would divide attention of the focus of the game. (WO has been grandfathered in)

There are definitely interesting aspects of the hardcore event that we can learn from and pick and choose to play with for sure.


I didn’t have this much fun in a while in a combat role. From the more tense combat to people actually behaving in a more HRP behavior it was all around great.

Of course, tweaks would be needed but I would love a hardcore mode that could be voted in like WO from time to time.

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Lets start a petition

I wasnt part of it but what did medical do…

I almost feel like you should bring back like the cyrotubes or cloning or something.

You are dead and perma… but you can be cloned.

Give a reason to recover bodies and something for medical to do.

I just hate the idea of a bunch of peoples round ending because of a bad nade


During the round they mostly did surgeries concerning IB/fracs in FOB. In other words, not as different than usual rounds.

A way to maybe balance this mode would be marines to take less brute damage in return for more fracs and IB, increasing their survival chance from a random encounter but leaving them heavily damaged for medical to take care of.

up the HP pool by mby 50? Upping armor could make some casts do no damage (especially XX) which would just be cringe