Harrysno - Player Report: Alfredo Swabey, Rule 4: No Griefing; Rule 10: Lethal Force; Rule 2: Roleplay

Harrysno - Player Report: Alfredo Swabey, Rule 4: No Griefing; Rule 10: Lethal Force; Rule 2: Roleplay

What’s your BYOND key?


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Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun

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Accused character name:

Alfredo Swabey

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 4: No Griefing; Rule 10: Lethal Force; Rule 2: Roleplay

Description of the incident:

After DMing Grim, on the urging of Backsea, I was told it was fine to make a PR about this situation, since it was mistakenly never ahelped during the round.

I was COing on Solaris Ridge and the round was flowing as normal, no major issues on the ship except for a few misbehaving marines which is to be expected. Around an hour or so into the round (from the best of my recollection) one of my SOs informed me that 2 of my MPs had been beheaded by a Bravo Riflemen by the name of Alfredo Swabey. I unfortunately did not get the names of the MPs although their bodies and heads were eventually recovered.

After learning of the situation I immediately set the ship to red and had the MPs move out to hunt down Swabey, I myself put on an armored vest and began looking for them as well since I wanted to avoid any more undeserved round-ending murders. After a few minutes of searching I eventually found Swabey before any of my MPs, he had an M41A Mk2 drawn and I ordered him to drop the weapon. They responded with a simple “Don’t do it” and then opened fire on me, for which I battlefield executed them and had their body cremated.

At this point I had mistakenly assumed that either the SO who brought it to my attention or one of the beheaded MPs had ahelped the situation, only learning after the fact that none of them had (hence the PR).

If Swabey’s interaction with me before being BE’d is anything to work off of, I am skeptical at best that they offered any RP to the MPs that they murdered. Not to mention the fact that they griefed the MPs by murdering them early into a round that lasted for nearly 3 hours.


As I had (mistakenly) assumed that the situation had already been ahelped I didn’t gather any evidence during the round. Logs will have to suffice as far as evidence goes.

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Relevant logs are posted below. However I will present two pieces of pertinent preliminary information.

  1. There is no evidence that any staff were contacted during the round regarding this event.
  2. The accused player, P00PENSHARTER, has never played any round prior or after this round.

Involved Parties, Ckeys provided only for the reporting and accused players, all others are omitted.

Alfredo Swabey | Accused | Rifleman - P00PENSHARTER
Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun | Reporting Player | CO - Harrysno
Seungjae ‘Ponderous’ Lee - MP
Kenneth Aultman - MP,
Jonny ‘Junior’ Johnson - FTL

Inital conversation between several marines and the MP's which precipitated the event

[2023-10-29 02:06:10.643] SAY: Jonny ‘Junior’ Johnson: 2 mp (JOB: Fireteam Leader)
[2023-10-29 02:06:15.938] SAY: Jonny ‘Junior’ Johnson: Must be boring up there (JOB: Fireteam Leader)
[2023-10-29 02:06:24.863] SAY: Kenneth Aultman: Mh eh (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-29 02:06:45.882] SAY: Seungjae ‘Ponderous’ Lee: Thats why we smocking at no smoking zone. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-29 02:06:56.362] SAY: Jonny ‘Junior’ Johnson [1]: Who gonna arrest a cop (JOB: Fireteam Leader)
[2023-10-29 02:07:03.555] SAY: Seungjae ‘Ponderous’ Lee: Mhm. (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-29 02:07:09.410] SAY: Kenneth Aultman : Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (JOB: Military Police)
[2023-10-29 02:07:33.615] SAY: Kenneth Aultman: Cmp might yell at us (JOB: Military Police)

Alfredo, who was likely present for this conversation, interjects then open's fire

[2023-10-29 02:07:39.712] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: Whos gonna arrest a cop? watch this (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)

[2023-10-29 02:07:40.517] ATTACK: P00PENSHARTER/(Alfredo Swabey) shot (Seungjae ‘Ponderous’ Lee) with a rifle bullet in the Hangar
6x Times
[2023-10-29 02:07:42.170] ATTACK: P00PENSHARTER/(Alfredo Swabey) shot /(Jonny ‘Junior’ Johnson) with a rifle bullet in the Hangar
3x Times, Survived
[2023-10-29 02:07:42.419] ATTACK: P00PENSHARTER/(Alfredo Swabey) shot /( Kenneth Aultman) with a rifle bullet in the Hangar
7x Times

[2023-10-29 02:07:43.598] ATTACK: Seungjae ‘Ponderous’ Lee has died to M41A pulse rifle MK2 at the Hangar from Alfredo Swabey

Kenneth attempted to return fire with a shotgun but missed.
[2023-10-29 02:07:44.427] ATTACK: The additional buckshot, fired by ( Kenneth Aultman), narrowly missed ( Jonny ‘Junior’ Johnson)

[2023-10-29 02:07:47.611] ATTACK: Kenneth Aultman has died to M41A pulse rifle MK2 at the Hangar from Alfredo Swabey

[2023-10-29 02:08:19.040] SAY: Alfredo Swabey: Justice served! (JOB: Rifleman)

Following this, Alfredo proceeded to open fire on the deceased bodies enough times to cause their heads to be decapitated.

Alfredo proceeded to talk with other players, then move around the ship and talk further about his actions.

[2023-10-29 02:09:09.602] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: Hey (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:09:12.881] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: The cops deserved it (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:09:15.845] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: They were breaking the law (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:09:18.371] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: And laughing about it (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:09:24.560] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: Saying shit like whos gonna arrest a cop (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:09:27.108] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: Im true justice (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:09:32.494] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: They were smoking (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:09:37.421] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: And knew it was a no smoking zone (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:09:54.524] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [General]: The cops i killed deserved it, they were smoking in a no smoking zone and knew so (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:09:59.282] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [General]: Dont revive them (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:10:18.142] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: Hey they deserved it (JOB: Rifleman)

Commander Calhoun is informed of the situation, he raises the ship to red alert and orders the MP's to locate Alfredo

[2023-10-29 02:10:57.517] SAY: Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus [1]: Pvt Swabey decapitated two MPs… (JOB: Staff Officer)
[2023-10-29 02:11:01.116] SAY: Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun [1]: WHAT? (JOB: Commanding Officer)
[2023-10-29 02:11:04.410] SAY: Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun [1]: WHERE IS HE? (JOB: Commanding Officer)
[2023-10-29 02:11:07.172] SAY: Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus [1]: No idea (JOB: Staff Officer)
[2023-10-29 02:11:19.387] GAME: Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun triggered and Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun confirmed event Red alert
[2023-10-29 02:11:24.906] SAY: Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun [MP]: Find Private Swabey NOW. (JOB: Commanding Officer)

Around this time, Alfredo sends a mhelp regarding how to use the radio, this is answered by a mentor who tells them how to do this, nothing of importance is discussed that is pertinent to this report ergo those logs are omitted.

Alfredo continues to talk about this actions on the radio and tries to ask for advice on how to evade the roaming MPs, no one gives him any real answers.

[2023-10-29 02:11:29.084] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [General]: PIGS! (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:12:48.709] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [General]: How do I escape the law (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:12:54.794] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [General]: Without going to a xeno infested shithole? (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:12:57.948] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [General]: Any advice welcome (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)

Alfredo appears to be trying to talk to someone else, but the only Doctors who talk seem to be busy with surgery, I can’t ascertain if anyone replied to Alfredo.

[2023-10-29 02:14:03.684] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: Doctor (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:14:09.156] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: Im in a bind (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:14:14.621] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: I need a magic solution (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:14:21.585] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: I killed two cops (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:14:25.254] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: Now my face is wanted (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:14:30.452] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: Do you have a skinsuit I can use (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)

During this time the MPs are actively combing the ship for Alfredo, and are reporting sightings of them.

The Commander encounters Alfredo, a firefight ensures, the CO kills Alfredo, BE's him and orders his cremation. I should stress that Alfredo fired the first shots.

[2023-10-29 02:15:16.910] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [Almayer]: I killed two cops, lets talk. (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:15:33.766] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [Almayer]: They were breaking the law, and joking about it (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:15:39.247] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [Almayer]: Who watches the watchmen (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:15:41.447] SAY: Alfredo Swabey [1]: Dont (CKEY: P00PENSHARTER) (JOB: Rifleman)
[2023-10-29 02:15:43.200] SAY: Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun [1]: Drop it. (CKEY: Harrysno) (JOB: Commanding Officer)

[2023-10-29 02:15:44.296] ATTACK: P00PENSHARTER/(Alfredo Swabey) shot (Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun) with a rifle bullet in South West Lifeboat Fuel Pump
3x Times

[2023-10-29 02:15:44.853] ATTACK:(Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun) shot P00PENSHARTER/(Alfredo Swabey) with .454 heavy high-impact revolver bullet in South West Lifeboat Fuel Pump
[2023-10-29 02:15:48.896] ATTACK: (Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun) battlefield executed P00PENSHARTER/(Alfredo Swabey) at South West Lifeboat Fuel Pump.

[2023-10-29 02:15:52.270] SAY: Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun [1]: Fucking genius. (CKEY: Harrysno) (JOB: Commanding Officer)
[2023-10-29 02:16:17.375] ANNOUNCEMENT: Harrysno/(Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun) has announced the following: Attention Falcons!

  • Private Alfredo Swabey has been BATTLEFIELD EXECUTED for beheading 2 MPs and firing on their Commanding Officer.

[2023-10-29 02:16:23.839] SAY: Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun [1]: Get his ass cremated. (CKEY: Harrysno) (JOB: Commanding Officer)

In deadchat, Alfredo had this to say regarding the events that occured.

[2023-10-29 02:16:26.784] SAY: DEAD/P00PENSHARTER/(Unknown (as Alfredo Swabey)) : it was
[2023-10-29 02:16:37.926] SAY: DEAD/P00PENSHARTER/(Unknown (as Alfredo Swabey)) : sorry if you had a nice round going but it was too funny to pass up

After this, Alfredo logged off.

In Progress → Done

Added report:needverdict and removed report:pendinglogs

Hello Harrysno and Steelpoint,

Open and shut case, this player blatantly griefed two other players. Through investigation, this player has been confirmed to be a multikeyer. This player report is approved , and action will be taken against this account.

Added report:approved and removed report:needverdict