Have different colors for friendly and hostile Freelancers

Freelancers right now are a middle bag, and as well can either be hostile or friendly to Marines, but their isn’t much to show that their here to kill than them shooting first.

What I want in mind is have their armor to be colored in ways to show that they are here to raid or to be mercs. it’ll make them look abit more cooler and also show them once you see them their attentions.

But guessing is half the fun - the other half is when Freelancers don’t read their ERT status and act friendly while their warlord is murdering marines on the other side of the ship.


Would be cool if there was some icon on all hostiles to mark them as such. I always have trouble telling the uniforms and armor apart, a shipside civie doesn’t look different enough from a CLF etc

You wouldn’t know whether the Freelancers are inherently hostile or not just by looking at them - unlike UPP or CLF. That’s the entire point. There’s always hesitation (at least when first you encounter them).

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