having the doors slowly open when a xeno is forcing it

basically add a form of animation when door is being force with the door slowly opening.

could even make it so that you see what’s behind the door more and more…

maybe even adding a noise for it…

Unsure what you mean a little red icon above their head appears and it makes an audible creak?

he means it showing the door literally being forced open with an animation.

The claws force their way inbetween the gap in the door
threw tremendous force the door begins opening
You can see a figure on the other side

  • I’d imagine the animation itself would be very easy, but programming it to have several stages of view/lighting density sounds tedious - if it got added it’d probably just act like a window

Would ad nice flavor to the game. Very good idea. Just need to bother someone until they code it.

There’s a lot of doors, I mean a lot of different types of doors which would all have to be uniquely animated, as well as coding it. It’s a lot of work for something that wouldn’t add much of an impact in the game. I mean we already have a sound for when a beno opens a door, not sure why such a small thing would really add much to the game.

good point you would probably have to work to standardize doors to not have a dmi file for each to make it something doable…
something like that:

make it possible i think…