HeartlessArtless - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - HeartlessArtless

What’s your BYOND key?


What’s your Discord ID?


Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?

Satomi ‘Uno’ Nishiyama, when I play xenos I play as UNO

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?

Bhan’tael K’wii

What clan are you joining?

K’wii (SurprisedBaby said I could join their clan after consulting him about my application.)

If minor: Give your clan lore.

K’wii Lore

Yautja Character Story:

Night had fallen on some obscure planet in the outer rim. The only light across the dark landscape was the burning wreckage of an alien ship and the lights of a nearby colony. Bhan’tael walked through the wreckage of the Dha-viath, his eyes searching for any K’wii relics and tools that might’ve survived the mothership’s crash landing. Though it seemed very unlikely that much could have survived.
“Have you found anything Bhan’tael?” Spoke a voice from behind him; it was his fellow hunter, Ta’ruuk.
“No I have not, brother.” the hunter replied as he lifted a piece of the wreckage. This Yautja speaking wore relatively unworn armor for K’wii equipment that was usually salvaged, a testament to the fact that he was still recently blooded in his clan.
Bhan’tael growled in frustration as he found nothing once more, most of the wreckage had unfortunately landed close by to a human colony. He couldn’t help but think that perhaps the lack of smiths and worker castes had resulted in their scrapped together mothership to suddenly malfunction and crashland. Many had not survived and worse yet many of clan K’wii’s relics and tools were either lost or scattered across the area.
“I am going to search closer towards the colony.” he grunted, dropping the piece of scrap he had just lifted.
“Vu’stah said to keep our distance from the colony, We’re here to recover our relics. Not to hunt.”
“I am not hunting nor entering the settlement, and if Vu’stah would simply take a risk he might learn that we could recover more of our clan’s relics.”
Ta’ruuk snorted, “Watch your tongue Bhan’tael. Vu’stah is well respected and words such as those will see you dishonored before the clan.”
Bhan’tael kept silent to that response, he knew it was true but he had been taught his whole life to honor the relics and tools of Clan K’wii and even if it meant disobeying his elders. He knelt down overlooking the remainder of the wreck and the colony that lay just beneath the cliffside. So many relics could be there, defiled by the touch of those unworthy to be hunted. The thought sickened him.
“Do as you wish, brother.” Bhan’tael spoke in return standing up and placing an arm on Ta’ruuk’s shoulder, “If you wish you can even tell Vu’stuh I disobeyed your orders. What is one more lost hunter if I can recover our relics?” He said turning his back to Ta’ruuk and walking towards the colony.

3 Hours Later…

“You think it’s Weyland?” spoke one of the colonists. As he looked through the various tools and scraps laid about before the group.
“Can’t be. It looks too… medieval?”
“Whatever it is, it’s definitely not UA. We should head back and report it to the marshal. Maybe someone will know what it is. Jack, Dennis. You two stay here and see if you can find any more. The rest of us are gonna head back to bring the marshal.”
“Great, we get to wait in the dark while they go back. What if it is Weyland? They gonna send their goons to get back their stuff?” spoke Dennis.
“Quit your whining Dennis. Let’s just see if we can find anything else.” Jack said as he shined his light over the area, walking off.
As Jack searched the area a figure watched from the shadows, observing the two separate from one another but more importantly keeping an eye on the tools and items they left laid out on the floor.
Jack, having put some distance between their stash pushed through some bushes coming across a body covered in a green glowing liquid.
“Holy shit!” he exclaimed falling back on his ass, “The fuck is that?!”
A mere few feet in front of him lay the corpse of some alien creature, it had a large piece of metal piercing it through its chest. As far as he was aware it was dead. Jack approached it carefully, giving it a light tap with his boot when he got close enough. Once he was certain it wasn’t going to wake up he looked down and more closely examined the corpse. He was particularly drawn to the mask and when he reached down towards it he heard footsteps behind him.
“Hey Dennis come take a look at th-” Jack choked back his words when he turned and realized that it was not Dennis behind him but rather some looming creature that looked just like the one he was about to examine. The alien walked over to where he stood making some clicking noise as it kept its gaze on Jack. Was this the end for him? Jack was frozen in fear and couldn’t move not even when the creature stood right before him.
“Step aside worm.” The creature said in a booming voice as it shoved him aside.
Bhan’tael easily pushed aside the human who had found the corpse of one of his brothers. He was unarmed and no threat so Bhan’tael saw no need to do anything about him, afterall he did not have anything on him that Bhan’tael needed to take. At best he would be a nuisance he thought as he knelt beside his fallen hunter. Taking off the hunter’s mask and equipment, Bhan’tael put them into his pouch. Heaving his fallen brother on to his shoulder he activated his cloak and made for their stash of relics. When he arrived where the rest of the loot had been left, Bhan’tael saw that the other human was armed. Bhan’tael set his comrade on the floor gently but before he could decide what his next course of action was, the other human arrived shouting at his comrade. Bhan’tael took advantage of this distraction and rushed out from the shadows shoulder checking the armed human and knocking his revolver from his hands. Bhan’tael walked over to the weapon, taking it in his hands and tossing it far aside into the dark. With no weapons the two were no threat to him and he saw no reason to kill or even harm them. He just wanted his clan’s relics back in rightful hands and so knelt beside the pack ladened with his clan’s relics taking it into his hands and glancing back at the two humans staring at him in shock he simply cloaked and vanished from their sight.
1 Hour Later…

“I told you not to tread close to the human settlement!” Roared Vu’stah.
“Had I listened to your foolish words I would not have reclaimed our clan’s relics! They would be defiled in the hands of the humans!” Bhan’tael roared back as the two yautja stood stood face to face with one another. Bhan’taels pack and the body of another hunter lay beside his feet. The other hunters gathered around simply watched the exchange between the two blooded members. No one said a word because as Bhan’tael had disobeyed his orders every other hunter’s packs were dwarfed by the size of his. The two were about to come to blows in their heated exchange before another yautja shouted.
“The elder is here!”
Bhan’tael turned his gaze and saw that the elder was headed for him and Vu’stah and quickly he knelt down making sure to place his pack before him and the elder.
“Elder I have reco-”
“Silence!” said the elder. “You disobeyed Vu’stah’s orders and yet have come back with a great many of our relics. What is the issue? Do you feel dishonored by Bhan’taels actions, Vu’stah? Perhaps the two of you should fight to the death over this matter?”
The two hunters kept silent, for even though they wished to battle they both knew after the incident with their mother ship they could not afford to lose a hunter right now.
“Forgive me Vu’stah.” Growled Bhan’tael, “I should not have disobeyed you. I simply could not stand to lose more than we have this day.”
Vu’stah snorted, “There are still many relics to reclaim, do not disobey your superiors again youngblood.”
He knew this would not be the last of Bhan’tael’s unruliness but for now his pride had been fed and he gave Bhan’tael a simple nod in acknowledgment. The other hunters stood around the two and elder until the elder gazed at the rest of them.
“Well? Did no one hear Vu’stah? We have more relics to find before we can leave this planet, go!” Shouted the elder to all gathered.
The hunters with their orders stopped lodging around responding to the elder in their own ways before setting off into the night once again. The elder watched as Vu’stah approached Bhan’tael, speaking some words to him before he too joined the rest of the hunters, leaving only Bhan’tael standing before the elder. The elder stared at Bhan’tael considering if his unruliness would become an issue in the future.
“Go, but do not forget your place Bhan’tael.”
“I will not, elder. I will bring honor back to our clan.”
Bhan’tael said, placing his arm across his chest before turning his back and heading back into the night to recover his fallen brothers and relics.


Good RPer, friendly and helpful OOC and barely any issues I can think of

+1, an honorable member for the Kw’ii


Maybe from the ashes of k’wii’s former clanship Bhan’tael can rebuild the clan. +1


Never had a bad experience with Uno, great CO who has made some of the most memorable rounds I’ve ever played. Superb roleplayer, I do not doubt that he will make K’wii proud



Uno is a legendary Squad Leader and amazing CO. A superb roleplayer and community member. I can hardily +1 this application.


Did you use ChatGPT to assist in creating your character story?

Nope! I wrote it myself, asked some friends to proofread it and then revised it before I posted.

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Has approval from the Clan, cool player, trusted on other WLs


The Council has voted, and determined that your application is to be accepted. Expect Discord and in-game permissions to be set soon, and welcome to the Whitelist!

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