Helmets strap to Armor/Belt Slot

Says on the tin, being able to store the helmet on the Armor/Belt slot for storage without it giving armor/benefits to the head.


But why would you run around without armour/belt only to be able to carry a helmet without wearing it?



I’ve had my helmet attached to the front of my gear vest once.
You can absolutely not do anything useful while it’s on there, besides sit in the shade and drink water. Using a gun is out, running at high speed is way out, almost got a black eye from trying it.
It’s way too heavy and the straps too flimsy to not have it flip around all over the place and hit you repeatedly, while being big enough to be a pain in the ass obstacle around your arms.


to have quick access to a helmet in cause you pb a runner and need to humiliate it in dchat by giving it a “died from a helmet LOL” log

Just use the helmet you’re already wearing.

hes basically talking about this

Which I mean it’s unrealistic as all hell

I mean, if benodev nerf the guns enough for them to do less damage than beating the benos to death with your gas mask, maybe. Before that, probaly not useful.

I think it would be better if you could just strap the helmet to the armor like you would with a medal instead of taking an entire slot.

This would allow you to keep the helmet off when shipside (extremely HRP)



This is exactly what I was thinking. Tbh I didn’t even know you could beat a xeno to death with a helmet, I thought it did the same damage as a punch.

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It says that whatever did the last bit of damage killed it, so if you killsteal a crit queen with a punch it’ll say you killed queen with a punch.

I swear it is a thing on back in the old box stations this is a really good idea, I want this

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I like the prospect of more gear diversity. +1

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Giving armour a “cosmetic slot” like the helmet has, that you can put the helmet in or other cosmetics would be a nice change. Could give more induviduality.


only if you bring back old hugger combat, the helmet stock market never recovered from its removal

Yeah I like this idea, because people do this by stuffing their helmet in their bag or setting it down on the table in front of them to relax with it off.

Edit: looking back over this and what the marines kit is made out of. It’s all straps. Why can’t there just be a helmet strap.

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i don’t see why not, sometimes you wanna just take the helmet off and chill, RP a bit, but your backpack is full and you gotta keep holding it like a dumbo.



This is why the radiation suit is superior. It can already do this.


Obligatory bump : tell me @SubjectD9341 's images aren’t pure drip

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