Heres a little challenge for you all. (There is no reward.)

try and figure out what clothing this guy is wearing.

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mk.50 compression suit next question


Yautja clan armor next question.

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Trick question, he’s actually not wearing any armor at all, next question

I think i might wait a bit to see other people guesses. Not saying any of you are right or wrong.

He’s not wearing any clothing. He’s just wearing a comprrssion suit

Okay it was the compression suit. Im surprised that you all guessed it because non uses it.

its a silly goofy outfit but when I tried it out, it gives you a slow debuff and I doubt it gives any real protection.

do one that has tons of funny shit like shoulder patches and flairs

okay guess how many people are in this room.


It is al least 20 characters long i just counted it. Is that actually a rule we have to follow or is it just a meme like trust levels.

It’s a meme rule. About the picture, I think the suits are just stacked to make it look like someone is wearing them, like the yautja statues found on some maps?

They are just stacked. I did see this again after this. I think someone is going around doing this and im not sure why.

no you’re not able to post without at least 20 characters, try it