Hive Strain Musings

ALRIGHTY IM THINKING ABOUT ANTS AND SO I THOUGHT “hehehe hive…” so thats what we’re going with!!

  • What in the frick would be a hive strain be

    • A thing that the queen can pick shortly after existing that may give buffs to specific playstyles, castes, abilities, or whatever else I can think of
    • I am going to name them after ants.


  • we making furniture or something? unfortunately no.
  • boosted walls, doors, and [insert resin construction here]
  • perhaps more plasma or movespeed to the construction-y castes, hivelord, drone, burrower
  • easier to destroy other walls maybe? faster tunnel travel time?


  • honeypot ants are cool. what if we xeno’d that.
  • based around the idea of resource storage/gain, perhaps buffs to queen’s observation abilities
  • stronger pheromones? maybe only for some castes
  • more plasma storage?
  • support caste: the hive


  • we are not cutting leaves. so what if corpses had even More use?
  • chopped limbs, flesh bits, whole corpses, and other organic (maybe inorganic?) items can be used to boost wall integrity
  • and/or going more like Actual leafcutter ants, flesh can be used to grow even cooler resin fruit (or speed up resin fruit production)
  • something something leafcutter ants have very distinct castes on their own. maybe exclusive carrier strain?


  • man i just like trapjaw ants a lot. the idea of hive strain exclusive castes comes in play here a bit.
  • the entire deal with trapjaw ants is that their bites are very very fast. perhaps attack speed up for some castes?
  • hive strain exclusive ravager strain? something something snapper?
  • i just like these ants a lot

but yeah thats all for now



But its actually really cool idea. Giving each round some more variation and adding a whole new layer of tactics to it.


“Bees man, bees have hives.”

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