How about we remove the ability to place weed node on viable weed?

the idea is to avoid builder reinforcing the weed by spamming nodes all over the floor.

coding wise i have no idea how to make this efficient so i would probably need a big brain to do it.


have we run out of things to complain about already :rofl:


How about no. Weeding is already aids as you lose nodes when you build walls on top of them.

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remove weeding, weeds werent part of the movie, instead of builders spread resin tile by tile like how Cameron explained in their directors’ lore thing. More tedium, more immersion

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AVP extinction over rules this one sadly :cry:

I, for one, think this is absolutely hilarious.

You only will see this if xenos want make it pain-in-ass for marines to clear weeds.

The trick is to load a flamer with B-gel and just burn all weeds with it, or just spray weed b gone

Nobody does this though, the last time I saw somebody doing it was me doing drone tax and deciding “I’m gonna weed this ENTIRE hallway”

Great minds think alike.

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I’ve seen it multiple times recently.

I see it plenty but like for xeno’s, if a drone is doing this then they’re wasting time not making mazes. Also the only map this is really viable on to do “large scale” is high pop LV624 cause there isn’t much area to maze on lv624 cause the map sucks lol (such little area that’s actually fought in)

Now you can sorta feel like that pre-2020 where every single piece of weed was like a weaker node.