how does cross ciphering work

how does cross ciphering does cuz i know that makes predaliens but i used it and it on a greeno hugged monkey and it didnt work can ya tell me why and how to proper use that cross cip

simple, you have to use Cross-ciphering on an un-planted egg, you will get a message in the chat saying that it has mutated, then you can plant it, get the hugger inside to infect a monkey or whatever you have, and wait for it to burst ((predators have a warning when a predalien burst, good luck))


ohh thats how it work and i thought it works same as normal cip thanks man

and also cross cip 1 makes normal predalien and cross cip 2 makes corupted predaliens right?


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good to know

u lied to me it didnt work unless i did something wrong

It has to be 10 units injected at once. So remove 10 egg plasma from the egg, load a syringe with cross-ciphering, set the syringe to inject 10u then inject it into the egg. You’ll know it’s worked when the egg changes colour

well crap i used 5 instead of 10 my bad

can we pls stop leaking cool research stuff. we need to gatekeep this. if you want to know stuff you should have to look in the code

Dreammaker is the new wiki now? Also, you are like six months late.

no, VSC is the new wiki, why should I trust the wiki when I can spend 30 minutes codediving by searching random words that I think are related to the item.

Actually found that in dream maker within two minutes. Sadly I don’t understand these languages calling themselves object-oriented, so I have to read acid goop posts leaking stuff.