how does cross ciphering work

how does cross ciphering does cuz i know that makes predaliens but i used it and it on a greeno hugged monkey and it didnt work can ya tell me why and how to proper use that cross cip

simple, you have to use Cross-ciphering on an un-planted egg, you will get a message in the chat saying that it has mutated, then you can plant it, get the hugger inside to infect a monkey or whatever you have, and wait for it to burst ((predators have a warning when a predalien burst, good luck))

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ohh thats how it work and i thought it works same as normal cip thanks man

and also cross cip 1 makes normal predalien and cross cip 2 makes corupted predaliens right?


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good to know

u lied to me it didnt work unless i did something wrong

It has to be 10 units injected at once. So remove 10 egg plasma from the egg, load a syringe with cross-ciphering, set the syringe to inject 10u then inject it into the egg. You’ll know it’s worked when the egg changes colour

well crap i used 5 instead of 10 my bad