How many characters do you have?

I usually see most people have static’s and stick to one name that plays everything, but I kind of flop between ~3 characters usually. I know some people usually have another character they play on as it comes up in LOOC occasionally.

Though I was still wondering what everyone prefers.

My current rotation is:
Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston - SL, CMP, ASO, and XO sometimes.
Nena A.W Mauser - Corpsman, Spec, SG, FTL, Rifleman.
Katherine ‘Kitty’ Woods - XO and CMO.

I have some other characters sitting around that I use for like the odd occasion, but those are my most played ones.


I alternate between three.

Gretta Swahili
Annette Lorraine
Maria A.W. Licorne


I got three i alternate between.

Jess (Formally Issac) “Perma” McMatherson - Almost any shipside role from rifleman to MT
Judah Baten - IO and CT
Paul church - researcher

I also go by GA-P1 as xeno


I technically have 5 characters I play, but I almost always play Zhu Cijue exclusively.

  • Zhu Cijue (main) - Doc, CMO, Corpsman, medical survivor, any role I need to grind hours for WLs
  • Zhu Youlang - Doc
  • Jun Kawazaki - CL
  • Mei Shirogane - any marine combat role besides corpsman. CC
  • William Morrison (traitor character) - CLF survivor, any shipside role

Tend to make a new character for each specific job

What I’d like is a personal character notes section so I can like, review how a character is supposed to behave, because I’ve got all the slots filled out and some of them are kinda samey and sometimes I take weeks/months long breaks and forget what their personality traits are supposed to be.


I have 1 at time of posting

  • Andy ‘Mutton’ Marcotte - My general character when playing CM13. CO, Combat Tech, CMO, HM, and more.

You can always put that in the flavor text. No one ever really reads it anyways.


Make a text file and pour all of their personality stuff into it


Just got one, Jake Blackburn, he’s my jack of all trades.


I rotate between Lucy A.W. Sharps for most roles, my older character Alicia Parker as a Foxtrot spawn, and Nasrin Yazdani when I don’t feel like playing an A.W. that round (which is kind of rare I guess).

I tend to get pretty bad altaholicism when it comes to these games so playing only a few characters is actually kind of a rarity for me.


And one more for when I decide to do XO


One, simon mcshain

if u habr more than 1 char you are a CHUD

main 1 character so i know who u ware and wether to leave ur body or drag you to a medic

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if i know hwo you are and seen u around you have way better chance of being revived than a random

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I’ve got 1 main static character, Ashley Bullard
then i just roll for A.W. most of the time, and random name every round… That’s because playing A.W. is relatively simple rp, fun rp, and doesn’t require a lot of energy. It’s fun to play the game that way imo, since it’s easier to just focus on the combat instead of both rp and combat.

i’ve got a couple more static alt characters too, but i don’t play them often anymore… Sometimes I make random static characters just to try a rp idea, and then play that character for like a week before abandoning it.

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I’ve just mained Samson Jack for 7 years on CM and nothing else, really


Though I actually have 5 char slots prepared… I dunno when I did that uh. I only femstatic. Because uh I CBA to have multiple chars and don’t want to be a rando. I’m already a background char that basically no one remembers.

Ruby Fairwight

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[Alexei ‘Ramius’ Trofimov]
[Jackson Chernov]
[Kalvin Callisto]

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Nasoki Coward Chen and Brad “Loser” Ward

Quinton ‘Cheese’ Yeskey, MST expert in dangerous-lethal food
Juliet ‘Odd’ Todd, MT and up for trouble
Dante Norton, RFN and sometimes sg

these are my most used ones recently