How would you define Xeno "MRP" as?

Recently I’ve been thinking about it. We have a defined way for Humans, Preds, Synth RP.

But there is no real ‘defined’ way for xeno MRP. Its a role designed PURELY for PvP / Death ball massacre yet lacks its own unique RP style.

Yea I get the parts where it would be actually LRP for any role but for xeno you lack a sort of ‘personality’ when it comes to it unless xenos get creative. It’s not like xenos can RP with marines unless its taunt like emotes and preds are usually not interested. Synths are about the only actual subject to RP with unless there are less trigger happy marines

Schizo Ranting? Insanity posting? Actual question posting? Up to you
I just want to know your actual views on xeno “MRP/RP” on CM and how would you do it in a serious tone.

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This and calling other xenos “sisters”


Using xeno terms, acting like a hivemind, and obeying the queens orders to a T.

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Roleplay becomes possible once you have another xeno hive, xeno cultists, or some other interactions that aren’t revolving around just killing.

It would help if xenos dont disarm spam you and go “gang gang spam gang” followed by gang signs


Red gang made up of runners, vampires and ravs


Accuse runners/ravangers of being adopted.

Because they are red and queen is dark in coloring.


Least racist xenomorph hive (the others practice eugenics and kill any hive that isn’t genetically identical)

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Xeno terms seem to be the bare minimum… considering as a hivemind you aren’t given much for personality or freedom.

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No one has mentioned spinning as a runner then leaping away when marines shoot at you.

Thats like… 97% of all runner combat/rp.

I think that due to the hivemind this perception of not having personalities or not having things to RP about is something that seems obvious but honestly just sticking to xeno terms which is the years of build up of players normalizing xeno RP and defining it. due to the hivemind communicating locations, what the hive is engaged in, or what the hive is doing is all pretty much handled by ‘hive status’ so it really comes down to your personal responsibility for maintaining the hive just as a Chief Engineer or a Requisitions Officer or the CMO has responsibility for maintaining their part of the ships without being told. It is understanding that you are required to do certain things to in a xeno specific sense to “Proliferate the Hive” i.e. expand the empire. It is much more gritty than the marine side of RP cause marines already have a basis of being human. of being able to have common references for things we see in the real world. I feel like the same could be said about the Yaujta cause they are the amplification of the human condition in some aspects while Xenomorphs are not which makes it hard to see them as anything but antagonist or a purely PVP role. When the reality is they share the same importance of being a “purely PVP role” as being a Rifleman or a Smartgunner or a Specialist. Like you really think flavor text and a backstory for marines is MRP? if anything thats just seasoning that should be amplified by the player who wants to engage with RP.

Tl;Dr taking the embodiment of being a xenomorph and making it religious is my favorite way to MRP cause why not think Queen Mother is going to smite your or banish you for not acting accordingly :laughing: also thinking your superiority as a xenomorph is part of the RP meaning killing banished/feral/forsaken/others while denigrating them for not being you is good RP (SOMETHING THE HIVE HAS BEEN SQUEAMISH ON IS KILLING BANISHED)

Dying for queen and or Young-XX xenos is the only HRP on xeno side.

and they got the audacity to call the server “MRP” while xenos say all sorts of shit.


Yes, putting your life on the line for a lesser drone as well.