How would you feel about replacing the old meme *scream* with a more realistic and grim one?

I heard that new scream that was added and though why not replace the meme screams with actual brutal pain screams? Old screams are more cartoonish and funny and can be used to make RP a lil more funny but I cant say the same about them when a marine gets his foot severed.

What do you think? Would you be up for such change?


It just feels a bit out of place and doesnt make sense to have that sort of noise when you’re on a 2d game. I much prefer the older screams, but probably just a thing just to do something with having heard the old one so long, other than that, I dont really notice it too much.


Ancient cartoon screams are the way to go. If you don’t like Tom & Jerry gtfo.


I like both the screams

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It doesn’t have to be one or the other. You could have the existing screams for when people manually scream, and the more realistic screams for when it’s forced (larva about to burst or whatever)


I think this is the way to go. Don’t remove anything, but have them contextualised to manual/forced. I agree with the The_Swatter though, if someone gets their arm severed by a ravager, I think it should sound a little more heinous.


I think we should keep SOME of our SS13 roots. And SS13 is a space station cartoon you can play.

Silliness is important

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I really like the current screams, not opposed to adding more though.

Being able to choose the screams in the menu.

However it’ll require some voice actors or sources.

I feel like having too many realistic screams will attract attention from people nearby when playing, keep it silly, stoopeed

I agree. Never forget your roots.

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Very true. Adds some levity.

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my only concern is that this will need to be coded. And I don’t know how to code. Do you?

not really. You can just go online and look for clips. Download them and put them in game. There are many screams out there

I also dont really want to hear a realistic scream constantly.

For those that remember L4D, remember zoey had a realistic scream? and players would just macro it to scream over and over just cause.

I dont want someone to do that here

I think if we can code it so certain events (zombie or that one Alien Isolation one we had) would have scary screams to match the scary theme of said event, but besides that, you gotta go with the classic. I couldn’t tell you how many times I was minding my own business then started cracking up because someone did a silly scream, comedy gold.

This is a fantastic idea honestly, if we were to try something like this.

Keep the old. We remember the past here.

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Or use an AI voice generator.

What we need is different screams for different factions.

So civs sound far more panicked. Slavic screams for UPP. Aristocratic ones for the TWE. Etc

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