Howtochew5gum - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Howtochew5gum

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?

real icepick#5041

Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Formerly Sergiu Volda, now just recently switched to Matt Shane

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

N/A, This is my first whitelist application.

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Strategist, obsessed with strategies and plans. In a given situation he will always find/plan the most optimal outcome that will satisfy as much people as possible whilst being effective. The only time he wont comment on decisions or situations is when it may anger the person leading to potential conflict, he will try his best to advise people when they are making unfavorable decisions or outright bad decisions that could end in harm whilst also trying to provide as much support as possible through proper planning that assists or helps as many as possible with harming at least people as possible whilst being effective. He simply wishes to find the best outcome to every situation even if it takes long to execute or plan, or even if its just a minor improvement versus an alternative.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Low Ranks (PVT, PFC, LCPL, etc): Manson sees them as normal people, whilst sometimes he may theorize or predict that certain actions they do will lead to unfavorable outcomes versus a potential neutral or favorable outcome he generally does not hold any grudges against those who are Low Ranks. Manson may comment on decisions these Low Ranks make and state how they could’ve lead to a better outcome if possible, His interests for conservation regarding Low Ranks may compromise of simply just tips or comments on decisions or could consist of topics such as critique of certain things, mild but not excessive banter on decisions people have made in the past or rarely the present, or simply discussion on how past problems could’ve been solved better.

Medium Ranks/Equal Ranks (SGT, LT, etc): Like Lower Ranks also treats them as normal and with respect. He is less likely to ““predict”” or theorize on potential bad decisions people of this rank make due to their experience and time within the USCM. He may discuss things such as current problems within the Almayer and how they could be potentially fixed, he may advise what orders would be best at the time if the rank he is discussing with at the time holds a command position, or he simply may just theorize solutions to intricate problems that could be solved to their best degree usually relating to the USCM/Almayer.

High Ranks: Manson treats High Ranks normally too and with as much respect as is needed to please them or prevent them from becoming unhappy. In a conservation he might mention problems aboard the Almayer and how they could be fixed with the best outcome, he might mention potential orders that they could give to people that will better improve efficiency or other aspects of life, he might comment on certain situations and how they could’ve been handled better if at all.

Manson treats all ranks with respect and refrains from commenting on situations that may anger the person as to avoid conflict.

An Advertisement Logline would look something like this:

Manson, the newest innovation in decision making and planning. With this synthetic you will no longer have those troubling situations that you just dont know what to do. With Manson with you, he will handle all the hard decisions and always come out with the best outcome suited for you and everybody else. Manson, for when decision making just gets too complicated.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

I want to be a synthetic since not only do I want to be a synthetic whom has benefits over humans I also wish to just have a character I can rely on that is meant to sound like this blend robotic-humanish that has a personality I can always rely on instead of having a human characters whose personality may change based on the situation or what is asked or told to him. I believe not only will I be able to assist as many people as possible with my personality I will also be able to provide at least a notable roleplay experience to someone.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

My most memorable interaction was with a female based synthetic whom was acting as MP. Someone was bantering on how she was an MP synthetic and I decided to watch, the synthetic just stood there and said nothing whilst this marine was constantly commenting on how she was a MP synthetic and how hard life was for him now since a synthetic MP now existed. The situation eventually moved to the outside of Charlie-Deltas hallway and me and him got a chair as I watched him go on and on, At this point they were in a back and forth situation conservation wise. I cant remember the exact details but the synthetic eventually took action against a marine for a just reason at which point the marine began speeding up his complaining and banter. This went on forever until eventually MP arrested the marine because he had harmed the synthetic by assaulting her, shortly after the ship was hijacked and the interaction ended.

Synthetic Character Story:

Manson Synthetic Story - Google Docs



I’m pretty decent at engineering, I know most of the ins and outs of the various shipside mechanics and I know what makes a good cadeline/FOB. Although I am a bit rusty.


Pretty familiar with Command, when playing a role such as SL I try to make the best of the situation and generally help out my team and squad.


Very Familiar, I know what treats what such as bicardine for brute, etc and how to do certain surgeries such as fixing internal bleeding.


Because Requisitions was my first role I played as I am also very familiar with Requisitions, I know what all the slang means in req line and how to do supply drops.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

A Synthetic should always look for a way to subdue the attacker non-lethally first, especially if its only assault and the attacker does not intend for murder.
With that being said a synthetic may use lethal force with only melee weapons however only to defend themselves or others if they believe themselves or other humans are in immediate danger. They may not attack unprovoked unless they are being attacked or an ally is being attacked.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

No, I have no moderation actions.

Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

Yes, I’d like to add more detail to the skills portion as I notice the detail was lacking, ill go into detail now.

As far as engineering goes I know the basics very well of course, and where to place cades (For example in LV624 if your an engineer at nexus and LZ was LZ1 one of the first things to do once a basic FOB perimeter is set up is to build a basic fortification that surrounds each side/direction of the nexus, one could do two formations such as:
2 unfoldable barricades on the edges followed by 3 foldable barricades in the middle then followed again by 2 unfoldable barricades, This may cause issues with friendly fire but allows for less cramping.
(Blue are unfoldable cades Red are foldable cades)

) These are some examples of cades that could be placed in nexus but these could be up for discussion, there’s also other topics like APC repair which is basically just using the right tools in the right order mainly, such as Crowbar, Screwdriver, Wire cutters, Crowbar, etc.
There’s also hacking but thats just mainly messing with wires until the desired result is achieved
With that being said not much else to Engineering

From what I understand with command its mainly a lot of ordering marines, with the consoles you can view squad members helmet cams provided they have them on as well as being able to handle supply drops and OBs (Of course the person in question would have to receive coordinates first before being able to do anything with those options), SOs set objectives for squads and give out orders as the XO commands to said squads and informs said squads of information. Its a lot of informing and ordering and what not but the consoles themselves are pretty easy to use and I understood them quickly.

SL on the other hand is basically just ensuring your squad doesn’t die to stupid things as well as capitalizing off of mistakes the enemies makes or flanks where and when possible. It also consists of organization to ensure your men are with you if necessary at the given time.


For Medical there’s a lot to say, but ill begin with field treatment first. If someone comes in with 400 burn and no other injuries for example the best plan of action would be to administer KD to the patient and if not possible then simply just 2 doses of kelotane before reviving them, giving them inarp is also recommended to stabilize them. Ideally synth-graft should also be used to reduce the total amount of damage actively, once this is all said and done the medic should give epi before beginning to defib the patient until they are revived, if in the time it takes for the patient to be revived the kelotane or KD wears off the medic should re-apply provided it will not overdose the patient. This will make it so when the patient is revived they will immediately start healing again. Organ damage if present should be mitigated if possible with medication ex: IA or Peri however due to medic not being able to perform advanced surgeries should be either recommended or told to go up to station for medical.

With surgeries the doctor should use the body scanner before performing a surgery to ensure the damage is indeed present, an incision management tool is nice but not always available right away. Akin to engineering its mainly the order in which you use tools however with certain steps in-between and proper targeting of the correct body part (ex: Head for brain surgery)
For example if a doctor wants to fix broken bones on a person they would open with an incision (Scalpel —> Scissors ----> Clampers ) then apply bone gel and a bone settler, then once finished suture the wound with surgical line.
Of course there’s a ton of surgeries and some others like organ repair, brain repair, or larva removal often require more than two steps. But it always begins with an incision first then certain tools such as the bone saw in larva and chest organ repair followed by clampers or other tools then the tool or item that fixes the issue followed by bone gel then suturing of the incision for example.

Theres also chemistry, which is mainly putting something like the bluespace beaker into the chem machine, mixing certain elements together until the chemical is created sometimes in a certain order or with a catalyst then making pills (Unless its research in which case the new chemical should be placed into a beaker then analyzed first). Not much else to say about chemistry

Requisitions: Requisitions consists of mainly 2 jobs, taking request from the requisitions line and people in general (Mainly consisting of using the vendors next to the chair to give the desired item, ammo, or attachment) or in some cases using the elevator for bulk requests which are more rarer. Marines often use slang when referring to certain items (Such as Mag or Mag Harn meaning Magnetic Harness or BC standing for Barrel Charger). However even I will admit that some slang catches me off guard but for the most part I know basically all of it when it comes to the requisitions line.

Then there’s the supply drops, you receive coordinates and input them into the supply drop console next to the lettered pads, then you simply just order the requested item using the elevator console which is found on the other side of where the requisitions vendors are then optionally stamp the paper for money then put the crate on a lettered pad (Usually it doesn’t matter which) and press “Send” on the Supply Drop console which launches the crate to the coordinates that were given. After that its just a matter of fact of either sending unwanted crates down or using said crates, ideally if sending crates down the paper should be marked as approved if correct then sent down as to regain some lost money.

And thats about all I have to say about the skills that were mentioned above. These were mainly written as a placeholder once I manage to fix the playtimes not showing up when clicked, if you are reading then hopefully soon I’ll be able to give playtime record once fixed.

I dont know wether i’ve actually seen you ingame, but that could just be because of my odd timezone.

Most people will want to see your hours IG, and they’ll most definetly ask so it would be nice if you could post your hours here especially considering you havent mentioned certain things in your skills, namely; chem-making, research, cic. If your medical knowledge IG only stretches out to using chems to treat people and knowing common surgeries like IB, and fractures most of the time it wouldnt be considered adequate for synthetic as you are expected to know most of the common drug synthesisis and surgeries outside than field surgery.

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Same as above, maybe its different timezones but I never seen you in game but with the rest the app seems good, but I’ll remain neutral with this application

Hello Howtochew5gum, and thank you for your interest in the Synthetic Whitelist.

I find your quirk/personality workable, although having the potential to be dull, slow, or improbable in gameplay.

The council found that your story read quite dully, but perhaps most important was that the storytelling of Manson’s personality was unfortunately quite sluggish. There were also moments when your Synthetic could have been felt as passive aggressive to the officer.

Your experience answers were well elaborated, thank you. Although there is was definitely some room for improvements, for example, calling the retractor ‘scissors’ is very unusual, as they are different tools.

Your combat answer felt incomplete. We are looking for scenarios you can perform combat in - give examples.

Overall your application is almost workable, but it falls extremely short due to the lack of vouches you have received, and the combat answer. So unfortunately I must deny this, you may reapply in 30 days. I highly recommend you rethink Manson’s personality and give him something that will be fun to you - but also mesh well in gameplay. While you are at it, play Support/Medical roles and RP often, this will help you get your name out there and vouches for your next application.

Thank you! And best of luck. :slight_smile: