Huffie Hernandez#1965 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - Huffie Hernandez#1965

What is your Discord ID?

Huffie Hernandez#1965

What is your BYOND key?


Total Ban Duration

seven day

Reason for Ban

You were warned in SS13: Colonial Marines - Official for Banned for Rule 1, 10; inappropriate discussion: in ⁠Inconnu, they were sharing their opinion about how they felt on refugees in correspondence with discussion about the UKR-RU war and mentioned how they believed that refugees should be mainly to only women and children and that men shouldn’t be accepted as refugees and should remain fighting at the war. This is a form of sexism and toxicity to the basis of refugees, therefore this idea is not welcomed here. You have the right to make your reservations, but keep them as such. Banned for 7 days. Expires from record 21/09/2023


I understand now that CM discord hasn’t been made to exchange idea and debate on the real world.
so i will improve my behavior by stopping from posting any of my opinion on any Chanel of CM discord.
also if someone as been hurt by what i said i am willing to apologies for the pain the person felt on a case by case basis.
i am available if you want clarification on what happen…

I swear I replied earlier, the appeal has been sent to the discord team for review as of yesterday.

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This appeal is denied. The discord team believes the reason for the ban is correct, and it would be best to wait out the rest of the ban’s time.

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