huggers should have egg plasma in them

huggers should have egg plasma in them like when hugger dies and not get use like they didnt hug somebody and when they get their blood extracted they should have like around 5u of egg plasma


Actually not a bad idea imo, considering that most of the time player huggers just gib on being killed. Maybe making it so that only player controlled ones (and not just “dead” ones) have it would be a good way to balance it too.


ye cuz i got this idea im my head cuz huggers are the only xeno that dont have plasma in them (besid the acid blood) so it makes sense that they have the egg plasma in them cuz they are basicaly like they are the source of the egg plasma (beside xeno egg)

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Grinding the larva inside the player using the grinder in research. Gives 1 unit of egg plasma. So basically grind 30 of them and you get a vial full of it.

yes but u can duplicate egg plasma with blood so basicaly u just need to grind 1 larva

No you need a minimum amount of around 10-15 egg plasma to do this due to processing. And you can’t make corrupted without praetorian and a shit ton of points

yes besicaly it just need 1u of egg plasma to make a larva but it need 15u with dark accid blood to make royal plasma