Human Xenomorph Queen

Thought about this amids all the complaints of greenos betraying, and how “its guaranteed”. So i thought of a trade off where you somewhat “remove” greenos betraying the marines, or atleast one of them.

And heres the idea. A researcher can inject themselves with ciphering 2 and Hyperthrotteling (just a placeholder), and they semi transfrom allowing them to become and be percieved as the Corrupted Xenomorphs queen. It should be used with a one off item you get in research in a safe somewhere, like a genome rewriter or something in universe. But this would make the enitre hive work under said human, which they can never betray, nor harm in any way.

Now the obvious downside is that you would lose all the normal queen abilities, like screech, spit, infinite eggs, a starting builder, pheros, and leaders.

One thing i would note on the mutated human side, is that they would go under restrictions. Example being their head becomes too big to have a helmet over it, their bodies become generally more fragile and using guns with too much recoil (any non-pistol) could harm their more fragile selves.

Messed up, as this was supposed to be “Ideaguys”. So if a maintainer sees this please move it there. My bad.

Lets make this happen:

+1000, add this like now, I don’t care about balance or anything, I just wanna see HRP xenos call the researcher mommy and whatnot, even better if the more ERP (extreme roleplay) xenos do something like that: Alakaya - Player Report: GU-849, No ERP

Sounds interesting but I think that xenos and humans should definitely be kept separate, I don’t mind the ability for marines to have full control over a greeno hive (though it should require more effort than creating a greeno hive with only tentative control), however it should still be done through pure humans which I feel would make more sense.

Also there is probably no way the USCM would allow one of their researchers to grow into a mutant queen thingie.

is the researcher gonna grow an egg sac too?

No, since thats one of the tradeoffs, as you can only make xenoes the “unnatrual” way.