HvH event idea (but epic)

Do you hate HvH events being ruined by guns? Do you hate hope? Do you think IS12 is ‘peak cinema in SS13’? Wish HvH events weren’t just the same thing? And do you think bashing skulls is fun? Then this event idea is most likely for you.

The story is as followed…: After a large navy battle in the orbit of [INSERT NAME OF PLANET ON WHICH THE D-DAY MAP IS ON] the United Americas navy finally manages to take out the UPP navy presence there, even as the ground battle rages on. Yet this victory is a pyrrhic one. All the supply vessels full of supplies meant for the USCM were taken out, along with most capital vessels. The few frigates and destroyers that remain have little to no supplies left and worse, none to spare for the marines. The amphibious invasion is now a stalemate and both the USCM and UPP on the ground are stuck in a battle, both quickly running out of the supplies. The stalemate settles with the USCM stuck in the forts and fort adjacent trenches and the UPP stuck in the forts just north of the town with no man’s land in between. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months…

PRESENT SITUATION: The marines and UPP are both almost out of supplies. Food, ammo, medical supplies. Little remains but scraps and wet, muddy trenches. Both sides realise that if they quickly don’t defeat the enemy on the ground, the other will just step on their starved corpses. Without knowing of each other’s ideas, leaders on both sides begin working on a final attack plan. A desperate attack with everything still left on the enemy’s trench position. Some marines are without functioning guns or a gun at all – the same counts for the UPP warriors. Those who do have little ammo left for them. Pieces of armour have become damaged beyond repair; Even some machetes and knives have become dull. As soldiers on both sides of the battlefield realize what is to come, they seek for anything able to be used as a weapon: Helmets, shovels, maybe if they are lucky still a knife or machete. Even the stocks on their empty guns. For the soldiers most unfortunate: Their fists. Everything that can kill with enough forces ends up in the hands of an exhausted, starved, thirsty victim in unfirom. As officers and NCOs sigh at their nearly empty pistols and revolvers, as whistles get cleaned, as soldiers take the easy way out, as commanders sob at their failures, dark clouds gather above. A desperate fight for survival is about to begin. Nobody will win but death, but one side will lose the least.

PS: The idea is that both the majority of UPP and USCM soldiers get no ammo, some even no guns. Some lacking armour and medical supplies. Medics, engis etc. should also be lower on their respective supplies. Officers maybe still have a pistol and two or three mags for those left. The idea is that almost everyone is using melee here. Win condition is when the other side has no other remaining troops left. Combat begins with both sides charging across no man’s land at the other side’s entrenched positions. Here’s a map of how it’d look like.

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This kind of round would be over very fast, and people would most likely just die without there being chance to recover them. We may as well just make a big arena and tell both sides to charge each other, no tactics, no back and forth, it would just be one big meat grinder and over in an instance as people just pile in on each other…

This is impossible to tell (seeing an event like this has never been done before to my knowledge), but it might be true. To be safe, you can have 30 minutes of RP first before the battle. A setting like this makes for good RP in my opinion.

“THE MAN IN FRONT GETS A RIFLE THE MAN BEHIND HIM GETS AMMO WHEN THE MAN IN FRONT DIES THE MAN BEHIND TAKES THE RIFLE AND LOADS IT WITH AMMO” Ok now i’ve got the enemy at the gate joke out of the way my question is how do you know this isn’t just going to end with everyone picking engi making spears while the enemy team doesn’t know how to make spears?

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the ones with guns will just PB in the head and instakill anyway

We are a Russian Army WW1 and 2 Levels. Sad.

could easily be bypassed by having no engis. for this event you only need riflemen, medics, SOs, XO and CO on both sides

you still only need cable coil a metal rod and a piece of glass/wirecutters and you’re armed better then everyone else

I wanna have a full on “VIking raid” event. Where its basically just the beach landing HVH, but everyone only has machetes, riot shield, spears, axes, and m79 with only baton slugs as the long range option.

There would not be OBs, or CAS, but Mortar can still be used.

I wanna see how this would play out.