I don't know you but i am kinda tired of having to remove the pipes on almayer to make an area safe on hijack.

i got no idea on what to do beside removing random explosion around the ship.
so give your best ideas bellow.


make removing a pipe immediately explode in your face

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The only options that come to mind are removing random explosions like you said, or keep them except make them not tied to pipes anymore. They could just be unpreventable.

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I don’t even think it works because one time i was at lifeboats and a section with removed pipes still exploded.


The explosions are lame anyway, I’d be glad they’re removed

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A possible alternative is only bursting pipes that are connected to the pipenet (so, isolated pipes can’t explode)


The random pipe bursts were a great idea in general but having to constantly unwrench the exact same pipes every single round around lifeboats is just getting very stale. The worst part is the code doesn’t even make sense, you can have 3 pipes side by side and unwrench the left and right side to have a single unconnected pipe explode, actually so stupid.

I 100% think it needs a tweak of some sort. Either less often explosions, or allow marines to “turn off” the pipes so the explosions in general stop, almost like a task similar to getting comms back online if that makes sense. Zonespace’s idea is another good one.

The hijack pipe explosions should stay for sure but they just need some updating.


I think the random explosions are good and telegraphed well enough to not entirely surprise you.

I think its tied in to just look for sections of installed pipe. With no atmospherics it would be easy to track the start or stop of a pipe section.


It’s soul, just don’t unwrench pipes like me and see people blow up. It’s so fking cool.


that seem like a good start thanks.
No idea how to implement that…


you need to remove the vents too not just the pipes


I said it when this was first being implemented, it is way too much work, there are way too many pipes and it takes way too long to make even a tiny area safe. Nevermind just how tedious it is to deal with.

IMO the better solution to what we have now is repairing the APC for an area to make it safe from pipe explosions.

This would:

  • Keep the element of repairing and securing areas intact
  • Massively reduce the tedium of making somewhere safe
  • Keep the widespread danger of pipe explosions (most of the ship APC’s are destroyed)
  • Provide direct player influence on area safety (e.g. xenos/clf sabotaging APC’s on purpose)

It would also create a stark contrast between the well-lit and functional areas and the dark parts of the ship that are exploding. It provides ‘counterplay’ to an area being made safe - you can’t realistically wrench all the pipes back in, but you COULD destroy the area power controller if you wanted.

If you are running around the ship you also know that unlit = more dangerous, and lit = safer, so it serves as an additional and IMO intuitive telegraph to players about danger.


Huffie continues to be a crazy French bastard. Good thinking man.


I was going to go on my own rant but this seems like the better one to refer to.

Tying pipe explosions to the presence of a working APC feels appropriate. Adds another reason to fix APC’s.


was about to say enabling a location APC would enable safety protocols that prevent bursts, akin to emergency bulkheads/pipe sealing. a void-faring vessel having as many safeties as a wooden ship-of-the-line from the 1600s is funny

maybe tie it to the ENGINEERING department, y’know that place that we’ve had completely vestigial atmospherics chambers in for as long as we’ve had the ship? it could be an additional objective to secure the atmospheric chambers and regulate the ship’s lifesupport via a console

how about we don’t make hijack any easier for marines and in fact make it so unwrenching a pipe increases the chance for any pipes nearby to blow up