I love being an OT.

Lemme give you the real guide on what ya gotta do to be a good OT.

No other job role on the server relies on nearly every single other department on the server, if you want to be a really good OT for a round here’s what has to happen.

You have to convince Research to make chems for you for flamers and flame-based mortars (the really good ones anyway), I’m not going to explain why this is hard just know that they’re super, super busy all the time.

So now you’ve made bombs right? But you didn’t want to just give 'em to anyone you wanna give them to the specs who can use em effectively, how are you gonna do that when they’re dropped? Req comms? Nope, they’re fighting on the frontline they ain’t going to even see that let alone respond. Your absolute best option here is to somehow convince Command to give you a command headset to have access to all the channels you need to be effective at your job.

Oh wait, you’ve ran out of reagents in your tanks, what are ya gonna do? You have to contact Req whose either going to give you two answers which are permanent through the entire round, yes or no. There is never a just once or twice it’s always yes or no.

Damn, Req has accepted your request for Reagents but not for Phoron, well what are ya gonna do now? Go out and search for Phoron on the ship yourself wasting time in a job that cannot waste any time in their steps apart from waiting for formaldaehyde to turn into para? Best case scenario you can get someone in Engineering to go and get some Phoron aswell as some Welding Fuel tanks for you, and they will usually cause they’re nice. Usually.

But wait, it’s not over yet! There are no MTs, that’s bad you’re expected to fix stuff on the ship! There’s no-one to load the OB? Gotta do that and waste more time. To throw in one last straw the PO is gonna sometimes come over and tell you to load up his dropship with parts cause there’s no DCC and technically it’s your job not his.

The amount of stuff you need from other departments isn’t like any other job on server though, no no no, they need to go out of their way, stop doing their job to help you do yours, that’s what sets OT apart. To even get to 50% of what an OT can truly do is miraculous in a round and requires a massive effort on your part to convince people to give you stuff, usually also results in a quick marine victory.

To summarize, to be an effective OT you need everyone in the following departments.

It’s great.



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Is OT the actual reason for tanks of phoron existing? I’ve never seen them been used but have always been curious if they can be use with a flame thrower.

pretty much yea

On paper they should work as incinerator fuel but afaik they don’t. They do be grinding up phoron though.

On paper Phosphorus should work as flamer fuel, but it doesnt. Everytime i try it says “fuel not sufficent enough”, even though Oxygen works and is weaker. Wich always makes me so mad.
While im mad about flamer fuel, i hate that you can only use pure chems as flamer fuel, wich is something i hate with a passion. Let me do crazy flamer fuel mixes. My soul needs it.

It’s because it only allows you to put something in a flamer if it has a defined flamer intensity level (even if it’s negative).
Note that flamer intensity is NOT the same as the intensity stat used for OT grenades, for some reason these are different stats that are calculated differently.
If I recall correctly phosphorus is weird because it’s stats are entirely hard coded rather than derived from properties (like Oxidising and Fueling), and they didn’t bother to define flamer stats for it. So it just has no flamer stats and therefore cannot be used in a flamer.

Custom flamer fuel in general sucks. I wanted to do a PR on it at some point but gave up. I tried allowing chem mixes but the code for flamers is just really not designed for it, I kind of got it working but it was buggy and just nightmare spaghetti code. Other thing I tried to do was buff flamer chem stats and give some of them special properties but it felt weird from a balance standpoint and I couldn’t think of enough ideas for special properties. In the end I decided custom flamer fuels are better left as something research can make (but then the problem is the numbers are too low for research to make anything good and the PR that was supposed to buff that got shot down)

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Ah yes, the most fun reason why something is how it is, fucked up code.

Mad respect that you tryd to change it.

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It’s already spaghetti. :40 if it doesn’t embed at the right time. Oxygen as incinerator fuel randomly creates napalm tiles.