I need help with CL lore

What division is a CL part of? I want to expand my CL lore but I cant seem to find an answer

My view of CL is that the CL isn’t part of any division I think they’re just a representative of the WY. However, you can RP as any division as long as your not putting anything too high as assistant manager.

Consider the premise

Ass end of nowhere
Just finished a battle and returning from deployment with losses
Investigating a random distress signal
Has a research lab/hospital aboard (???)

Why on earth would a weyland yutani corporate executive be on this warship in the first place?

Once you consider the premise of the situation that the round starts in, it gets a little easier to think of corporate roles the CL might have that would’ve put him there.

CL is a fuckin secretary people hated and got booted into fuckoff nowhere space. Canon is its pure coincidence that they arrived at a wey yu colony with xx-121 lmao


Just ripoff Burke, here here’s the wiki page for him

Alternatively declare you’re part of W-Y-USCM Public Relations office or something maybe the bio weapons division if you want marines to come up with excuses to shoot you.

Possible reasons:

  1. The CL fucked up and got a shit job
  2. They are good at keeping company assets from being turned into very-VERY small pieces
  3. They’re the FNG corpo who doesn’t know anything
  4. Military / “Safari” leaning corpo that is okay with seeing the worst of space
  5. The Nerd archtype with da lab bois
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