Idea guys: Give Jones a gun

Why we should give Jones a gun:
They are a little guy and need a gun

how would Jones hold the gun
we would strap it to their paw with duct tape

when should Jones hold the gun:
when the aCO thinks that Jones needs to hold a gun

how strong will the gun be:
it will do 84 damage per bullet it will also be automatic with 409 rounds in the chamber


Jones always stays strapped. Highly agree with this idea


I feel like they’d settle for the MOU-53: nine lives, three rounds.


Give Jonesy the CHIMP gun instead!

Grand High lord inquisitor admiral Jones must his golden genral pattern metaba

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Alan Jones is pretty deadly behind a firearm I agree

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chimp gun rather than mateba, clearly!

Jones needs a minigun proper. He is the true king of the ship and let’s face it. Marines don’t care much about their CO. THEY LOVE JONES.

This is the leader we need now.


Do not give him a gun. Give him the GAU-53 automatic 30mm cannon.

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Better idea: These cool blow-caves-up nuclear grenades from starship troopers.

I think we’re all forgetting what Jones really needs to be given; Our unconditional love and attention.

OR BETTER YET! Give Jones his own escape pod! Too often have I seen him left alone in the CO’s quarters during evacs.

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MTs have a special job to Evac Jones when required. Tis part of the code.

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Just give jones his own luxury escape yacht.

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