Ideaguys: Add in the Military predators for when marines make greeno aboms/are researching a predator corpse

In AVP:Extinction the most powerful pred units are the military predators the blazer and the hydra. It is stated that these are only used for war and not for hunting. Clearly given the fact the Almayer is NOT part of the hunting grounds preds should therefore be able to call in the Elite soldier preds to deal with aboms and research. Hydra Preds would get homing plasma cannons that fire three plasma bolts at multiple targets while Blazer preds get the blazer which allows them to set half the almayer on fire.

This would allow the predcord to properly deal with those pesky researchers. as they have dishonored the clan.


Technically there is a special armoury on the Predator ship that unlocks when an abomination spawns, it gives the Predators access to Plasma Rifles, which are as close to military style weapons the Predators have, and are pretty lethal against xenos.

If you wanted to add a set of cool looking armour, the question is more about finding someone to sprite it.

Yeah but the predcord still lost a battle with research and therefore we need to add the most OP preds to deal with preds losing.


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Already a feature since half of predcord “just happens to be on” at the exact same time when aboms/preds are captured

I was there for the great predication.

Honestly, having things like that which happen on average every 200 rounds would make it rare enough to be super cool, but often enough to be worth coding.

(For reference, every 200 rounds means it would happen once about every 12.5 days)

yeah but they still use normal pred gear clearly we need more advanced bullshit pred gear to destroy the entire almayer.

Like this


This is an interesting phenomena, I can explain my theories.

Its disallowed for anyone to ping pred players regarding IC information such as an abom spawning, the only thing we can do is ping when someone notices its a predator round.

What I suspect is occuring is that quite a few Pred WL players will be observing a round in progress, thus when they notice that an abom has been spawned they’ll spawn into the game as a pred, thus appearing in a circumstance thay may not have appeared without one.

Ergo, you get the predcord effect

This is basically correct as far as I’m aware.

But pred players mald HARD when you accuse them of predcord shenanigans, so I do it anyway to piss people off.

Xenocord and marinecord have one true enemy in the form of predcord

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Honestly i would be for it if the pred WL would get pingged whenever reserach made abominations. Last time i was on when some got made so many preds got robusted. It was hilarious. One even was captured.
Abominations happen so rarley i think its fine if the pred police comes as a respons. Chaos is fun after all.