Ideaguys:Make it so that only IO's can arrest CL

The IO’s are part of an anti W-Y task force known as Department of the Navy In Photographs Corporate Investigation Unit, meaning they are tasked with investigating corporate issues, clearly this means that they should also be the ones arresting CL when he commits a crime, to go along with this change i recommend also adding a containment cell for IO’s to lock CL and his bodyguards in.


We should replace the IOs with PMCs sent to collect the data and subsequently they assist the USCM with the collection.

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I’m suing you for copyright infringement


Better idea: make it so that if a CL commits a crime, he can be shot on sight by everyone


Would you really shoot Jeff Rockenberg and his hipnotic, 4 time winner of ‘WY moustache of the year’ and his moustache ?

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Vim Croi will nerve gas the entire ship or create a zoo at the escape shuttles. She or it, unconfirmed cyborg is an agent of chaos.

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