ihatethisengine2 - Player Report: Cecelia, Whitelist violation - Synthetic Combat Restrictions

ihatethisengine2 - Player Report: Cecelia, Whitelist violation - Synthetic Combat Restrictions

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Whitelist violation - Synthetic Combat Restrictions

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I was a queen and we were fighting against marines + greenos. I screeched to get some kills on greenos and at that moment Cecelia ran forward to stand on-top of the greeno I was slashing, obviously to make it harder for me to kill the greeno, at the cost of the synthetic own health. I believe this is a blatant rulebreak because greenos are not USCM personnel and synth should not risk itself to save them.

However, synths are unable to perform active combat duties and will not perform combat specific orders, meaning they must not actively engage in combat unless in self preservation or in the defense of a USCMC Personnel.

On a side note, I want to add that this is not the first instance I notice Cecelia toeing the line (I believe), I am not sure they fully understand the restrictions synths have.


I have no recording sadly and probably logs won’t tell you much (unless they are tied to coords), but I don’t think the accused party is going to deny that they were trying to protect a greeno the way I described.

Hi! It’s me

I’ll say yes, I was standing on top of the greeno. This was not my intention. My hands were cold (fucking frigid in my house) so it makes it a little hard to move around, sometimes - on top of the fact that my keyboard just doesn’t accept key inputs sometimes - I wanted to run over it and then start dragging it south.

It was acting in assistance of the USCMC - and I figured that, would probably count, either way. I’m trying to get the hang of things still, so I’m sorry. This PR seems justified.


Hi ihatethisengine2,

After reviewing all available evidence and combat logs, we found that Cecelia made no offensive attacks during the entire round. In order to break Combat Restrictions a Synthetic has to utilize firearms, engage or otherwise attack hostile targets without sufficient merit on the frontline.

During no time in the round was it found that Cecelia on the frontline actively engaged, attacked or phsyically interacted with any hostile element in an offensive manner. USCM Synthetics are programmed to have aggression suppressed on the frontline, and Cecelia did exactly this. Support Synthetics are firstmost medical providers, rescuing casualties, tending to the wounded, etc. It is not a breach of programming to rescue or protect others from harm. We found they acted completely within normal parameters.

Additionally, there are no stipulations where a Synthetic would treat a green xenomorph as disposable, nor is there one which would prevent a Synthetic from rescuing an ally. Synthetics are allowed to make a judgement call so long as it doesn’t conflict with any of their programming.

On your side note: The council will investigate further for any discrepencies in Cecelia’s programming.

This concludes the council’s investigation on all things within this report, it is denied.


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