ihatethisengine2 - Player Report: Kenneth Aultman, Rule 4: No griefing

ihatethisengine2 - Player Report: Kenneth Aultman, Rule 4: No griefing

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Heinrich ‘Koba’ Kobber

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Kenneth Aultman

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 4: No griefing

Description of the incident:

We were engaging in 1.5 hr long FOB siege, things were going back and forth, at one point we (command) decided to hold Alamo groundside, just in case. At some point Bravo SL called me (via phone, we had no comms) to set an aSL, which I did. I assumed he’s going to afk/leave, he did sit in Alamo after the call for a while. Slog of a fight continued. Few minutes latter, I suddenly saw through a headcam that launchpad was glowing red, which means DS is going to launch. Marines, who were close enough, rushed to board it, because they understood what’s going on. Those who were less lucky were left behind, as xenos overran FOB immediately after the DS left the planet. XO said there was only Bravo SL in the cockpit at the moment of launch. I want to empathize, Alamo was not getting overrun or anything. Also there was an ASO deployed to oversee the possible evac and launch the ship if necessary.

It wasn’t a justified launch from a roleplay perspective, what I assume is that Bravo SL just wanted to cryo and this is why he launched. When I asked why he launched the ship, he simply answered “no why”. Basically, with his actions (that have no justification IC-wise) he griefed the marine side, including many of those left behind.


Hi, I was the CMP that round and after XO ordered Bravo SL’s arrest I went and found Bravo SL in hanger SSD. So when he says “I getting off” he likely meant that he was logging off.

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Honestly much isn’t really needed for this log pull
[2023-11-09 10:25:34.898] ADMIN: I(WIll Give Ckey to anyone who needs it)/(Kenneth Aultman) launched the dropship dropship_alamo on transport.
[2023-11-09 10:25:34.899] INTERACT: (see above)/(Kenneth Aultman) launched the dropship dropship_alamo on transport.
[2023-11-09 10:27:01.740] SAY: Heinrich ‘Koba’ Kobber [Bravo]: You killed everyone in FOB. (CKEY: Ihatethisengine2) (JOB: Staff Officer)
These are the closest logs I can find to who launched, time stamps are left in to clarify the time apart from times, Kenneth was the Bravo SL if that helps
Eddited to fix, you can read below and see sleepy ro3ger strikes again

Wait what? You got something wrong, Kenneth was Bravo SL as you can see on the screenshots.

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This is what I get for reading logs correctly, I read it wrong (problably due to exhaustion after a 9hr work day) but yes it was the bravo SL, There were two diffrent instances of them being refrenced as diffrent jobs on the logs I have for some reason and I had taken the wrong one without verifying the time of it
aka Sleepy ro3ger missread documents

Hello ihatethisengine2,

After reviewing the logs, it appears that the character accused is indeed the one responsible for an early launch. However their actions do not satisfy the conditions for Rule 4: No Griefing which states, “Griefing is the intent of one player wanting to cause grief or annoyance to other players or the server without a valid roleplay reason.”

Based on my own review of the logs it does not seem as though the player’s intent was to cause grief or annoyance to other players, but to cryo and go offline. With that said, this behavior ruins games for other players and can not be tolerated. The player in question will instead be judged by Rule 3: Community Expectations under the clause, “Don’t be a dick”. This appeal is approved and action will be taken against account in question.

Added report:approved and removed report:pendinglogs