Improved IFF Tags for Greenos

Are you sick and tired of your greenos getting rowdy and out-of-hand? Do you hate the greeno queen pulling a cheesy last-minute betrayal? Then IFF Tags MK 2.0 are the solution!

Introducing IFF Tags MK 2.0

We’ve all seen it happen. All the greenos are chilling with the marines and just having a fun time… Next thing you know, they’re suddenly against the marines and which leads to the marines getting rolled. No reason or justification, just an unhinged queen or a last-minute change of heart by the greenos.

My proposal is to have IFF Tags (with tablets) that not only protect the greenos from turrets but also allow researchers to control them to a degree. For example, if a greeno is attacking marines, the researcher could administer a shock to stun them. Perhaps they could also administer a neuro-inhibiter that severs the connection with their queen or slows down their movement, attacks, and lengthens their ability cool down. The IFF Tags could also act as a tracking device, allowing the researchers or whoever with the tablet to track them. A few IFF tags may be specialized in the fact that they can kill/severely injure the greenos which would be good for the stronger ones. Another good ability of the IFF tags would be the ability to send a hive-wide message, similar to the queen’s announcement.

With these new and improved IFF Tags, a few tablets should be spawned in research, allowing for the researchers or whoever with sufficient permissions to control the IFF Tags. Perhaps a computer could be added in the containment portion of research with has the same function of the tablet and acts as a backup in case the tablets are stolen by a xeno agent. We are in the year 2182 yet the tags are archaic. If a research department was creating such dangerous creatures, we expect they have better ways to control them then just shutters, a door, and words.

Seriously though, greenos can do whatever they want when their hive is large enough. The tactic of, “ok, we friendly but then we kill,” is stale and there needs to be a way to mitigate the damage if they do go down that route.


Having a terminal, preferably not one directly next to the containment cells, would also add a layer to the green hive in events where they decide to try and attack the USCM. This would mean they would have to try and neutralize the terminal and those who use it first, quickly and quietly before enacting their coup.

Making it apparent that if Xenos attempt to reach it, they may be hostile instead of as you have said, one moment they’re fine the next they’re not. The USCM should have that gun pointed to the head of the green hive, a reason why they must be subservient.

I always like the in lore manner in which xenos have been made to obey humans through threatening the eggs with fire. As the Queen has been shown to value the egg over fully grown drones.

Of course, marines being marines, and if the researchers end up making the green hive without asking command for permission, I still believe we’ll end up with some green on USCM hostilities. But perhaps with those who have permission within research refusing to use the terminal. (Eggheads will damn us all) Which is not to detract from this suggestion in anyway.


I think one of the problem here is not seeing if the xeno’s have IFF installed on their sprite and that its takes like 10 seconds to implant it (xeno’s can’t stay still).

Thankfully they can understand you though and most of them usually listen. I agree with the sprite as well, it can be aggravating having to examine them to see if they’ve got a tag.

If IFF tags can potentially nerf xeno players instead of being a benefit you’ll see a lot more of them refuse to get tagged for purely metagame reasons.

Sure, and if they refuse, then they get terminated for misbehaving, tell the greeno queen and have them banished, or the hive just gets shut down.


I like this idea. Well done.


I support that too, so greeno rounds don’t turn in another XvX round with some UNGA-level-survivors ready to be vored and nested. The researchers should have some more control than the angry CO pointing his mateba around.

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