Increase evo timer on Sorokyne Strata

Sorokyne Strata is one of the smallest maps in the game in terms of the ground that is outside of the caves. The time that survivors have to find gear (which is next to impossible given the fact that the only guaranteed shotguns on the map exist adjacent to xeno spawns).

The time that survivors have until xenos can get to LZs is literally not enough to build more than, maybe 10 cades.

What do you guys think about this? Maybe we should give survivors a little more time?

This being posted about 10 minutes after a match of Soro starts is funny to me

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skill issued
meta not found
server wide agreement to not roll surv on that map

well, there you go then, it’s already established that’s it’s impossible to play survivor on this map

Let’s start a petition in Muhosransk City

the hard mode role should be hard

Survivors aren’t supposed to be a main focus anyway. It’s supposed to be hard to live. Why would we make it easier for them to live every time? They are already like marines+.

Yeah, but it should also be fair.

It’s not just ‘making it easier for them to live’, it’s giving them a chance.

O. O soro is a boss survivor map.

You can turn several areas into a doom fortress really really quickly with some basic team work and map knowledge.

Before we had this new wave of survivors this was one of the few maps the survivors had decent odds to actually survive on.


Sorkoyne has probably one of the best hold spots in the entire game which is southern river which has a literal maze of water and landbridges making it completely impossible for xeno to quickly attack and run away. You get funny revolvers and good survivor gear at easy acsess so I dont understand why surv should be buffed on Sorokyne or any map to begin with.

I dont think that increasing evo timers is necessary and if it should stay to exist it should be a universal thing. for any matter of the fact some role evo timers feel a bit too long even…