Increase Pylon Cooldown Time When Destroyed

See title. I propose a Pylon should have a extended cooldown time when it is destroyed, before it can be rebuilt akin to a hivecore.

I feel there should be a more severe punishment for xenos in allowing a pylon to be destroyed. As it stands, a lot of pylon standoffs essentially boil down to xenos holding pylon, they retreat, marines kill pylon, xenos charge and instantly rebuild pylon thus mostly negating the marines efforts to destroy the pylon.

This feels far more egregious in lowpop where the xeno respawns are far more important than in high pop, it can lead to very rough “attrition”.


Very good idea. I wholeheartedly support it.

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I know the round your talking about as I was XO, we used 2 OBs clearing them off just to have a new one made in 30 seconds